HTC Hire Iron Man (sort of!)

HTC Hire Iron Man (sort of!)

Ok I’ll admit I got WAY over excited when I heard this and let my imagination get the better of me!
Heads up displays, Jarvis voiceovers – maybe even a Stark industries phone – but no, sadly the truth is a little more down to earth.

HTC have hired Robert Downey Jr (not Iron Man) for a new $12 million advertising campaign.

Out is the old “quietly brilliant”, and with Mr Downey’s previous form, things could be getting rather louder. He will be appearing as himself, rather than any of his film persona, but will retain some of the creative control, so it will be interesting to see what the new adverts are like.

Marketing is an area that HTC have comprehensively lost (to Samsung in particular) in the past, not least due to the considerably smaller budget they have. Getting a star like Robert Downey Jr on board looks like a smart way forward though, especially as the star is not only riding a wave of successful film franchises, but has also announced today that he will also reprising Iron Man in the Avengers 2 and 3, as well as at least one more Iron Man solo film.

HTC have allegedly signed him for 2 years, and look to have picked a great 2 years to have him associated with their brand.