Windows RT arrives on the HTC HD2

Windows RT arrives on the HTC HD2The poor, poor HTC HD2. It shipped originally with Windows Mobile 6.5 but had Windows Phone 7 splattered all over it along with Android Ice Cream Sandwich.

Now we can add WIndows RT to the mix as CotullaCode has managed to squeeze the OS into the ancient old handset.

Link – Twitter

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  • Anonymous

    Fricking amazing

  • Aran

    I’m not sure I understand the tone of this news item; surely it should read something like:

    The amazingly sturdy, HTC-workhorse that is the HD2 has done it again!

    I had a HD2 and it was way ahead of it’s time and, but for the weight of it, can still roll with the big guys (well at least mid-range guys) nowadays. I ‘love’ the way that it is still alive way, way after its time. Long live the HD2!!!!