HTC Profits tank

HTC Profits tank

At times it’s hard to believe that I’m actually typing this but yes, HTC is suffering badly. They made a profit of T$11bn last year but have managed just T$1bn this year – that’s £21million and a 90% drop.

With Mobile World Congress just around the corner, many will be eagerly watching out for HTC announcements. The HTC One series handsets, launched almost a year ago, had all the right ingredients but have struggled against rival handsets from Samsung. Other competitors such as Huawei, Motorola and Google themselves (via LG) have also made inroads.

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  • Removing SD Cards was the killer that made people jump to S3….and once moved….very unlikely to return…Shame on you HTC…Shame on you…

  • bob

    I left for LG optimus 4XHD for same reason SD card and removable battery. If one X had had them I would have stayed. Also ics upgrade mess with desire HD didn’t help! !!

  • mark adams

    for me it was the lack of foresight with handsets leading to a lack of software upgrades and poor battery life. now with the galaxy nexus and the latest software release….