Looking at HTC design – with a few classics missed off

You would never guess that HTC are due to announce something new. They are hammering every medium they have to get their name out there and to get people talking about them, again.

Well now they’ve gone and posted their third infographic of recent times on their blog. It shows a load of milestones un design terms of their devices. Ahh memories. Hang on a minute where is the HD2 or the Nexus One. Oh well.

From the Touch Diamond to the One X, from the Windows Phone 8X to the Butterfly, HTC is always at the forefront of design. After delivering the first smartphone with a QWERTY keyboard and the first 1080p full-HD screen, it’s time to look back at some of the revolutionary designs we’ve delivered around the world over the last 15 years.

Looking at HTC design   with a few classics missed off

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  • Or *the* milestone device: the original SPV!

  • Matt

    Where’s the Hero? That’s the phone that put Android on the map IMHO.

    • Paul

      Oh so true – I had to have mine amputated in the end….

  • Gabriel

    Ah, the Touch Diamond… What a great looking phone. And the scroll wheel was really useful, if not fully implemented.