So how would I make the HTC One better?

Install Windows Phone 8 on it of course. Before you all get cross I’m kidding here, yes I’d like a Windows Phone version of the HTC One but I doubt it would be better.

So how would I make the HTC One better?

Neowin have been tipped off by a source that HTC is currently working on a device very similar to the HTC One that will run Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update. The important thing about this update is that it brings support for 1080p screens and quad core processors. It also won’t really be around until the end of the year.

The source didn’t reveal screen size or anything about the camera, although it makes sense that HTC would want to include the UltraPixel technology to attempt to compete with Nokias Pureview.

It’s going to be an exciting time for Windows Phone as by then the next generation Pureview camera will be established and higher spec devices will be available. Personally I’d like to see something about 5-5.5″ running Windows Phone 8, with a decent camera, MicroSD slot and with a huge battery. Something like the rumoured HTC T6 (Max). Especially as no Windows Phone OEM has released a phablet huge phone yet.

So what do you guys think? Should HTC continue with Windows Phone? Do we need a huge phone running Windows Phone? Should I just give up on my fascination with the square tiled OS from Microsoft? Do let us know.

Source – Neowin