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Pixel Phone!!

No it’s not a phone from the Minecraft community!! During our recent podcast we mentioned that Google are looking to put a stop to the Nexus line. Instead they’ll be launching a Google-branded phone from this Autumn… or this fall if you are stateside. Well, fresh news

Remix arrives for Pixel C and Nexus 9

Yeah. We asked the question back in December. Was that Pixel C meant to have a Chrome OS? In my mind it’d certainly work better than Android, especially in that form factor. Now though, you can add one of our favourite alternatives (there’s been a FEW articles

Google changing the smartphone game

The Telegraph in the UK have reported that Google are looking in producing their own smartphone. This is different to what we have been used to as the Android creators previously left the manufacturing to other huge names like Samsung, HTC and so on. We also have the

Five reasons to buy a Chromecast (or another one)

Unbelievably, I’ve had my Chromecast for a couple of years now. Despite my TV and a set-top box having the ability to show stuff from my phone, I still default to the Chromecast. It sits wedged into a random HDMI port on the back of my TV

It’s the random next Nexus maker guessing game

Wow. That’s a headline isn’t it. As I sit back and re-read it, it almost hurts my head. Anyhow, rumour has it (#Adele) that HTC will be making a couple of Nexus handsets which are currently known as the M1 and S1. They’ll run Google N. The

Nexus 6P now £70 off

OK, weird one this. If you want to get yourself a brand new Google Nexus 6P, just head to the Google Play Store. It’s easy. It’s marked up at £449 for the 32GB version, £499 for the 64GB one and £579 for the 128GB version. Trouble is,

Over 2.1 million Android devices downloaded malware in 2015

Quite a shocking headline in many ways, though it ought to be borne in mind that there are somewhere in the region of 1.5 billion Android devices registered for use around the globe.  The information comes from Google’s second annual security report.  Despite this figure, Google are

Android Pay arriving in the UK at the end of next month

After what feels like an age it appears that Android Pay is finally making the journey across the pond to the UK. The Telegraph is reporting that Google will launch the mobile payments system in the UK at the end of March. Since Apple Pay’s debut in

Google Hangouts losing SMS

Remember Google Talk? Well all those years ago when Android first launched it was the simply the instant messaging app. To be honest I don’t think take-up was that big, but over the years Google Talk was replaced with “Hangouts”, and we all got used to calling

Google updates its Now Weather app

To be honest, Google Now just sits in the background of my phone, and it’s one of those features I forget is even there sometimes. Until I get a notification that is, and realise what a really useful app it is. Well, Google has announced that the company

Nexus 6P now in gold

Cast your mind back dear reader to last year. To a time when the pre-release leaks of Google’s next flagship device(s) were hitting the interwebs. Included in those pictures was a Nexus 6P in an awful gold option. Luckily though it wasn’t among the colour options offered

Nexus 6P – Review

Google’s latest handset has been garnering a lot of interest from the tech world over the last few weeks. In between all the reports of people not getting their orders delivered on time and Google delaying the launch, I managed to secure one for this review. With

Google Nexus 9, now crazy cheap at Argos

If you’re out buying Christmas gifts then why not get yourself something? The Nexus 9 has just had a whacking £149 lopped off the usual £299 price – it’s now only £149.99 at Argos. The offer appears to be just on the white 16GB version – the

Nexus 6P – Unboxing

Have you ever wanted to have an exquisitely made Android phone that will make those “friends” that have been drinking from the iPhone lake for so many years a little bit envious? Good news then, as you can now get one. The phone I am talking about

Android 6 Marshmallow OTA rolling out.

Have you got a Nexus 6, 5 , 7, 9, or Nexus Player? If you have, it looks like now is the time for mashing the “check for updates” button. It appears that the latest version of Android is being sent out as an OTA update to

Google Nexus 9 (16GB) now £179.99 at Argos

Argos have dropped the price of the HTC made Nexus 9 16GB to £179.99 online. The Nexus 9 32GB has had its price cut to £299.99 as well. The Nexus 9 is last year’s Nexus tablet which brought the 4:3 aspect ratio to Google’s Nexus range. As

Nexus 5X preorders at Carphone Warehouse

Whilst perusing my favourite deals site earlier today, I spied this link which will take you into the land of Keith Lemon. No seriously though, head to Carphone Warehouse and you will find that they’re taking pre-orders for the Nexus 5X. Not only that, but they are

Nexus, Nexus… 5X and 6P finally land

The Chocolate factory went all-in on one of their more interesting annual events. The speakers were tight, and the announcements flew by. We were expecting two Nexuses and boy did Google deliver. First up, there was the Nexus 5X. This was the second 5 inch phone made

This years Nexus 6 up to 128 GB

Last years Nexus 6 was the first Nexus handset to have a maximum storage capacity of 64 GB. Before that, the maximum storage space that Google offered in a Nexus device was a measly 32 GB. As apps grow in size, (I remember when I though that

Google Event announcement set for 29th September

It looks like the wait is over. Google have sent out invites for their ‘Google Event’ on September 29th, at 9 a.m. PT (Pacific Time – that’s 5 p.m for us folks in Blighty and CSP Towers). We are expected to finally get a good look at