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Google release their Android camera app

Google have been slowly and surely releasing the core Android apps onto the Play Store. Like the keyboard, Calendar, Gmail, Google Search and a load of others. The latest is the camera app which has only previously seen updates during Android version updates. It’s a whole lot

Nest halts sales of its fire alarm

After finding out that users could accidentally disable the device by waving their arms. Google owned Nest Fire Protection has halted sales of the Nest Smoke detector. The company said the feature, Nest Wave, which allows users to wave their arms to deactivate the alarm, could be

Tips to speed up the Chrome browser on Android

Are you a Android phones user? Do you use the Google Chrome browser on your device? I do and to be honest there is a lot of functionality but it certainly isn’t the fastest browser out there. I’ve found a couple of tips that you can use

BBC iPlayer coming to the Google Chromecast very soon

When talking about the Google Chromecast most people say “it would be cool if the BBC iPlayer worked with it”. Well it seems to coincide with the UK release of the Chromecast that people’s prayers have been answered. This below screenshot is from within the Chromecast app.

Rumours may be true: Performance Boosting Thing in Android 4.4.3

When we first heard it, we were blown away by the audaciousness of those GooglePlex dwellers. Its long been a bone of contention between the Android faithful and those who prefer Apple’s way of doing things, but when the rumours of PBT were posted up on the

Nexus 7 (2013) now available for just £149.99

If you’re looking for the 7″ Nexus, get yourself down the Staples or get free delivery online. We’ve got the full Nexus 7 review online before you buy. This 16GB version features a 5 megapixel rear camera, 1.2 megapixel front shooter and that 7″ 1920×1200 HD display

Nexus 5 now only £240 unlocked

What must be the bargain of the year so far, the Nexus 5 made by LG can now be picked up for as little as £240 unlocked from Carphone Warehouse in the UK. Yes just £240! The device is in stock in Black, White and Red which

The end is nigh for Google Currents

Remember Google Reader? Well that was replaced in 2011 with the Google Currents app. Now there is currently a update being pushed out to the Currents app. What hat does this update bring to the table I hear you ask? This magical update basically wipes the Google

Nexus 5, get it cheaper if you’re quick

I don’t often “do” this whole Groupon thing but here’s a rather fine deal on the Google Nexus 5. If you buy it from Google direct you’ll be paying £299 for the 16GB version and then another £10 to have it delivered. Groupon, for the next few

New features added to Google Now

Are you a user of Google Now ? I’ve got to admit I wasn’t but that’s definitely changing. With every update to the app, the functionality just keeps getting better. In the previous update we got the UK voice option to say “OK Google” to launch the

Chromecast open to all

Since the launch of Google Chromecast there’s been the promise that it would be open to all developers instead of the few it’s been since launch. Today is the day they do just that. The documentation is now open over on the Google Developers . Developers do

Red Nexus 5 on show, launch tomorrow

Sure, you like the Google Nexus 5, but deep down you have a yearning to get one in Ferrari-red. What do you do? Easy, you just need to wait a while, because tomorrow the lady in red will be announced by Google and LG. Leaked shots have

Lenovo buy Motorola mobility! (Update)

Now and again you come across some crazy news on the internet and today is one of those times. Lenovo are apparently in the final stages of buying the Google owned Motorola mobility for $2.9 Billion having bought it for $12.5 Billion in 2011. On the face

Nexus brand stopping in 2015?

The big rumour today is that Google plan to cease using the ‘Nexus’ branding in 2015. Instead they’ll begin to offer ‘Play Edition’ handsets, thus merging both the Google Edition and Nexus range. This hot tip comes from a very reliable source – Eldar Murtazin. He is

Motorola Moto G – Review

Budget Android phone. Those three words for many years have basically meant that somewhere in the phone there will be a compromise. A compromise that was so badly thought out you’d think it was made by a child or a large rock. Over the years many many

Are iPhone users more intelligent?

It’s an often discussed topic as to whether iPhone users are more intelligent than other smartphone users, or the opposite as they need a simpler phone. Well now there is “proof” – iPhone users are more intelligent. Now before you all head straight to the comments section

Audi and Google pair up

Audi and Google are teaming up to bring you Android in your car. Not only are these two giants at it, Nvidia are making the hardware. Audi plan to introduce Android to power it’s Navigation and multimedia systems in new cars but, as always, if it fits