At last! Cast your Prime Video to Chromecast

I’ve never really been “into” Amazon Prime Video that much. The reason is mainly due to me having a Chromecast widget stuffed into the back of the TV and the sheer fact that Amazon Prime and Google just wouldn’t play nice.

This meant that you had to suffer, while the big companies squabbled – Google wanted you to use their services on your Chromecast and Amazon wanted you go get Prime Video.

Thanks to Anr for the picture

Now though, and rather surprisingly, it’s all sorted. A recent blog post by Google states…

Starting today, you can watch Amazon Prime Video on Chromecast and Android TV devices, giving Prime members unlimited access to their favorite Amazon Originals, films and more. Meanwhile, you can also now access the official YouTube app on select Amazon Fire TV devices.

YouTube on the Amazon Fire too? Blimey – the two companies must’ve had a few beers together and actually saw that working together was beneficial for their customers.

So you can beam TV and movie stuff from your Prime Video app straight to your TV now. Chromecast Ultra users get access to 4K titles too. In addition, Android smart TVs, set-top boxes and streaming devices will be getting Prime Video too