Pixel 6 flickering display ? – Google announce a fix.

Some people who have managed to get their hands on the latest flagship from Google have reported minor issues around the display.

Users noticed that when the Pixel 6 Pro is off, pressing the power button with slight pressure (not enough to turn it on) seems to activate a strange display “flicker.” This doesn’t affect the device when it’s on.

Google has acknowledged the issue and said it will be fixed in the December software update. In the meantime, it gave the following instructions:

“To avoid seeing this, when the power is off, do not cycle the power button. When you want to use the phone, hold the power button down long enough to turn it on.”

Google added that it’s not an issue with the phone hardware, meaning a software update will handle the problem. 

The November patch has just been released today, with the main fix being a tweak to the Internet Quick Settings panel. As such, it’ll take another month or so to fix the flickering issues. 



We have got a Pixel 6 Pro in the house and we have not been able to see this issue on the device we have but will keep our eyes peeled for it and update as required.