Get yourself a laptop if you buy a Pixel 3a with Carphone Warehouse

Well, I blew the entire contents of this story in the title, didn’t I?

That’s a fail.

Anyhow, as we mentioned in the earlier story, you can get yourself the new, cheaper Pixel 3a. It’s got pretty decent specs and a very decent price-point. Just £399. However, if you buy either the 3a or 3a XL from Carphone Warehouse, you get to take away a Google Chromebook too.

I use a Chromebook all the time. Love the thing. Open the lid, do your stuff, close the lid. No slow updates, no wasted hours for the Windows patches, it just works. This one is the Acer 16GB 11″ (ACERCB3-132 11) model and you get it if you buy either handset on a SIM-Free or pay monthly plan. The deal is available until June 6th.

Deals with Carphone Warehouse start from £24.99 per month.