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O2 to start offering the iPad next week

The Apple iPad Air and Mini with retina display have proved to be another hit for the Cupertino company, with most networks offering them as bundled deals with a SIM card with included data. Now O2 have announced they are going to be joining the club announcing

Apple hook up with IBM to get further into your business

I remember laughing when business people started buying iPads. “Pah. They’ve got it all wrong”, I thought, “that’s not a business tool”. Even though a lot of tasks were still perhaps better done on a Windows laptop at the time, the iPad and iPhones took over and

Apple WWDC 2014 Run Down

Well it’s been another eventful evening from the Apple Camp…  They have launched a steady stream of new apps, services and SDK’s for developers over at WWDC today.  Here’s a quick rundown of the most exciting new features for iOS8 for consumers and developers: Interactive Notifications - Heading

Tipping Point for iOS – is there a point?

Tipping Point is a game show on ITV. This app is the game of the show, released on both Android and iOS, though this review refers specifically to the iOS version, priced at £1.49.   The object of the game is really rather simple – contestants have

iGuy iPad Mini case review

Do you have a young child? Does you heart jump into your mouth when those grubby little hands reach out and grab you iPad? If the answer to either question is yes then you need to keep reading. The iGuy case from Speck comes in iPad mini

Goodbye iPad 2

Apple have announced today that they are finally putting the iPad 2 out of its misery. The three year old A5 powered tablet is being replaced by the (much much much better) iPad 4. For the same £329 you now get a retina display, double the RAM

iOS 7.1 Released

After what seems like forever in testing, iOS 7 was today pushed to iPhones, iPods and iPads around the world. I’ve posted a full changelog as a GitHub Gist here, but here are some of the key changes. iOS 7.1 integrates CarPlay, the AirPlay equivalent for motorists

Take a stroll around Leicester as it was in 210 AD

I’m getting to know you quite well dear reader. I’m thinking that you’re the sort of person who’d love to take a 3D interactive journey through a virtual reconstruction of Roman Leicester. I’m right aren’t I? Oh yes. Well, your luck is in my friend. De Montfort

Do something for me. Just search for this one word.

Yesterday there were headlines about the fact that an app had been removed from both the Apple and Google app stores. The app in question was called “Plastic Surgery for Barbie” and was shown as being suitable for children. The issue many had was the fact that

iPhone App Review – Blockapp

If you’re into your Tetris-style games, Blockapp might be worth to try, even though some of the translations are a bit iffy. It’s an iOS app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is completely free. It turns the Tetris world upside-down, as blocks glide from

Apple releases 7.1 Beta 3 to Developers

The update draws nearer. Apple today sent out their latest iteration of iOS 7.1 beta. This iteration contains some bug fixes as well as a few UI tweaks. The bug fixes aren’t as visual as the other changes, but they are most definitely there. We can show

Review – My iStory

If you’ve read my review of the HTC One or HTC One mini then you’ll know how much I love the “video montage” feature. It bundles together photos you’ve taken into a fun movie that will help you remember all those little moments from your day. If

Twitter on iOS makes it to version 6

Twitter for iOS got an update today. Coming in at version 6 you now get added “enhancements”. The focus of this update seems to be on direct messaging. A refreshed look and feel makes it easier to access your direct messages. Not only that, direct messages can

Are we failing the next generation?

Many months ago I watched this YouTube video showing a baby using an iPad. The baby seems to have grasped the iPad interface pretty well, but is then presented with a magazine. Expecting it to work the same, they tried to swipe the pictures around the magazine.

A few more Black Friday deals

The UK is now getting a slice of “Black Friday”, the Friday following the American Thanksgiving Day. Although most of the world doesn’t celebrate it, there’s the chance to snap up the odd bargain, so here’s a quick look at some of the other deals we’ve not

Three confirm retina iPad Mini pricing

With the retina iPad Mini now on sale, Three have come out and announced their pricing on both monthly rolling and 24 month contracts. The new retina version of the iPad Mini features the same 7.9 inch display but with a much higher resolution plus the A7 chip and 64-bit version of

EE iPad Air pricing announced

We’ve already seen both Three and Vodafone announce their pricing. Now it’s time for the network with all the 4G masts – EE. They’ve announced that the new iPad Air with WiFi + Cellular will be available from today and you can get it for £36 per

Vodafone announce iPad Air pricing and availability

Voda have stepped up with their pricing for the newly-announced iPad Air. Here in the UK the “iPad Air with WiFi + Cellular” will be on offer from £28 a month, with a £129 upfront cost. Although the iPad Air is available now, you’ll have to wait

iPad Air available on Three tomorrow – All the details

Hey dear reader. It’s cold, it’s Autumn and it’s a minute past midnight. What are you doing up at this time? ;) Well, don’t worry, tomorrow is Friday and it’s November 1st. Pop down to your local Three store and you can buy yourself an iPad Air.

Thoughts on the iPad event – Opinion

Apple announced a plethora of new software and hardware at its event on Tuesday. While we don’t really cover laptops and desktops, there still plenty of mobile goodies to discuss. iPad Air As a massive iPad fan, I was particularly looking forward to seeing what the iPad

Apple announce Retina iPad Mini

Alongside yesterday’s iPad Air reveal, Apple also announced the long-awaited Retina iPad Mini. Apple’s smaller iPad no suffers in comparisons to the higher resolution displays on much cheaper tablets like the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HDX. Alongside the new  display, Apple have also seen fit to throw

Review: RHA MA-600i Earphones

  Music is a thing of beauty.  It can make you feel elated, sad or any of the emotions in between.  The one thing that music requires however is a decent way of transmitting the sound to your ears.  From large floor standing speakers to headphone to

EE confirmed to sell iPad Air and Mini

EE have just sent out a press statement confirming they will be stocking both the new iPad Air and new iPad Mini on their 4G network here in a UK. No details yet on the plans available, only that the Air will be available from November 1st

Apple announces the iPad Air

Here it is. The newly announced iPad Air. New name aside, it’s pretty much exactly what we expected for a new full sized iPad. This year’s flagship iPad apes the iPad Mini design from last year. The bezels are smaller, it’s a full pound lighter and much