Glowing iPhone charge cables

Morning! So, a few days ago my son needed some new iPhone charging cables. As usual, even though we’ve reviewed many cables and I know which ones are the best, we ended up on eBay and he wanted these flashing “colour flow” ones.

Yes, yes, I know many of you out there will be shouting at the screen – these aren’t official charge cables, they’re probably not as good as other cables but, for less than £3.50, it was worth a punt.

The cable arrived last night so I figured it’s worth showing you what you get for your money. Here’s a quick video if you’re thinking of getting one..

There’s lots of colours to choose from and the braided cabling seems to be pretty solid so far. Plus, of course, it proved successful in charging the iPad and iPhone we tested. So, if you’re interested in getting one, it seems to do the trick.

Oh, and also – if you have a look elsewhere on eBay – you can get similar cables for different phones, not just Apple kit.