Caseit iPad mini clip-on hard and rotating cases – Review.

Do you use your iPad naked (oooooh missus, the iPad, not you) or do hide all of the Apple design inside a case?

I recently got sent through two cases to review from Caseit, these being the clip on hard case and a rotating case or Folio style as it is sometimes referred to.

Clip on hard case

Caseit iPad mini clip on hard and rotating cases   Review.

Good Points.

  • Thin construction (just over a millimetre thick).
  • Gives a nice premium look to your device.
  • Can be used with the Apple Smart Cover.

Bad Points. 

  • Looks like a fingerprint magnet.
  • Offers very limited protection.

This case is as it says on the tin, is an extremely slim hard plastic shell which is just over 1mm thick, which clips onto the rear of the iPad. The case has all the cut-outs meaning you have access to all the ports, camera and speakers. Nicely, the cut out to the right edge of the case is present meaning that unlike some cases you can still use the Apple smart cover with this case.

In Use.

The case is made out of shiny plastic, which to be honest does appear to be somewhat of a “fingerprint magnet”, and I can imagine it picking up scratches fairly easily. I would have much preferred the matt soft touch finish, like the Nexus 5 or in fact the Tesco Hudl. But when on, the shell added next to no bulk to the feel of the iPad mini and it did add a very premium overall look. As I said earlier, when used it still retained the ability to use the Apple Smart Cover.

I can’t see this case providing a fantastic amount of protection if you were to drop your iPad, but it’s not billed as a protection type case. The shell will however protect the rear of the iPad from everyday bumps, chips and scratches.

The clip on hard case is available from Caseit for £9.99.

Rotating Folio type case.

Caseit iPad mini clip on hard and rotating cases   Review.

Good Points.

  • Made from soft touch plastic.
  • Multiple viewing angles in both landscape and portrait orientation.
  • Offers protection if the device is dropped.

Bad Points.

  • Viewing angles are too acute.
  • Feels “top heavy” in portrait orientation.
  • Opening/closing the case does not wake the device.
  • Doesn’t fold flat for when holding the device.

In Use.

This case is again made of plastic but this time it’s the soft touch type which means it’s not such a “fingerprint magnet”. It fits the iPad really snugly, but still giving access to all the ports and speakers, and it does feel that it will offer some protection should you drop your device.

When using this case you are able to view the device in both landscape and portrait orientation, and there are four different viewing angles, although to be honest I found three of the four viewing angles too acute to comfortably watch or use the device. Also I found that when using the device in portrait orientation it did feel a bit top heavy and ready to “tip over”.

A further couple of negative points I found using this case: opening and closing the case did not switch the device on or off, and there is no way (or at least I couldn’t find one) to fold the case completely flat. When, for instance you want to hold your iPad in one hand, there is about a half-inch gap.

The iPad mini rotating case is also available from Caseit for £16.99.