Top 14 things that make iPadOS so great

The iOS innovations more or less stopped impressing us a long time ago. There’s almost nothing that they’re changing except for a dark theme, a volume control indicator, and a keyboard with swipes. There is nothing more to highlight.

However, when it comes to the iPad, more innovations were taking place. Moreover, due to a large number of differences, the operating system for tablets was even given its own name – iPadOS.

Here is the list of the top perks of iPadOS:

1. Widgets have moved to the home screen

A great idea that could be implemented on the iPhone as well.

You still don’t have enough freedom to place widgets wherever you want (for instance, between the apps icons), but a small column with some useful information was added.

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2. There are convenient control gestures now

In order to make your working with the text easier, they added four gestures with three fingers. Swipe to the left with three fingers – undo the input or the last action. Swipe to the right – return/repeat the action.

3. More icons on the desktop

The developers have finally redesigned the iPad interface instead of the banal stretching of the picture for it to match the huge screen.

4. The screenshot editor has become better than most photo editors

The already good screenshot editor just got better. Now you don’t even have to save your screenshot to the gallery if you wanna work on it.

5. The Safari browser has been significantly upgraded

Now the standard web page viewer displays a full-fledged version of the site with adaptation to the display’s width instead of a stripped-down mobile version for iPhone.

6. In Split View, you can run two windows of the same applications now

As a result, you can have two windows with email, notes, reminders, or a browser open for comfortable work on your device.

7. Slide Over is better in iPadOS

Quickly accessing the apps you need without leaving the one you’re in is a game-changer for all the Apple enthusiasts.

8. Apple introduces “Show All Windows” in a multitasking mode

With such a range of application launching capabilities, it can be easy to get confused by all these windows. The developers have provided the ability to view the copies of any of the applications open quickly.

9. iPad learned to work with a mouse

What many Apple tablet users have been waiting for was finally brought to life.

The left button performs the function of tapping the screen, the right one brings up the AssistiveTouch menu, and the middle one brings you back to the home screen. Most applications support a scroll wheel.

10. The Files app is actually useful there

The default file manager has long been a weird and useless program. With the release of iPadOS, everything changed. Alongside a full-fledged download manager for Safari, working with data on the tablet is taken to the desktop-like level.

11. iPad made friends with flash drives

Now plug-in storage media are fully supported by the Files application with the ability to transfer any data to the tablet memory and vice versa.

12. Download Manager – finally!

The Download Manager is another perk there. You can download any files from any sites. Before downloading, a pop-up window will appear, asking: “Do you want to download the file?” You’ll be able to find the downloaded file in your Files application.

13. Using Apple Pencil for screenshots

Swiping up the iPad screen with the Apple Pencil allows you to take a screenshot instantly – and it is opened in the editor immediately.

14. iPad as a second display for Macbook or iMac

This is great news for the designers and even video editors out there. The iPadOS tablets will be able to broadcast an image from an Apple computer without any problems, thereby replacing a second monitor. What’s more, the Apple Pencil will let you control your computer directly from your iPad.

We love iPadOS – iPad is really becoming a serious tool for work.