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Microsoft swipes SwiftKey. We have the exclusive boardroom transcript *

Well. I guess there’s some sort of logic to this. Perhaps there was a meeting at Microsoft that went something like this… “Hey guys, you bought Swype didn’t you?” “No, not yet. We bought Skype…” “Ohh bugger. I thought we’d bought that software keyboard company…” “No, we

Mobile Phone sales compared for 2015/6

In the last week or so we’ve seen a number of different companies release their 2015 sales figures.  Any guesses who was the highest selling manufacturer of 2015??  Read on and all shall be revealed… Perhaps the biggest, or at least most cited, story last week was

The BLU Win 4.5″ JR – The £40 smartphone, reviewed.

As Microsoft launch the new flagship Lumia 950 XL, it’s easy to forget the other end of the smartphone market, for example the BLU Win 4.5″ JR which was recently available for just under £40 from Amazon, but what do you actually get for your money a

New Windows Mobile 10 handset on sale at Argos

Not sure this will exactly set the pulse racing, but beggars can’t be choosers etc.  For those keen to try Windows Mobile 10 but don’t want the expense of the new Lumia 950 or 950XL and who don’t want to wait for the older handsets to be

Gone in 60 Seconds…. the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

The eagle-eared amongst may have heard our Matteo mention (during our monster End-of-the-Year Awards Podcast) that his “Tablet of the Year “was the “Xiaomi Mi Pad 2”. This was a metal-clad, QHD screen-toting device that was released in China earlier in the year. At 7.9 inches, and with a

Acer release a new Windows 10 phone – CES

We first saw this phone being discussed way back in September at IFA, but at that time we were unable to get any hands on time. Now that it is official we can bring you the specs of the phone and it looks good. Specs Operating system-

Lumia 950 XL removed from sale

I’ll be honest, we’ve been having a few problems with the new Lumia 950 XL. We’ve seen stability issues, random reboots and a generally buggy experience. Then, via Gavins Gadgets, we’re hearing that – although it’s still on the website – Carphone Warehouse have removed the handset

Garmin adds smartwatch functionality to Windows Phone 10

I realise that I’m in the minority here, but this news is possibly one of the most exciting tech announcements of 2015 for me.  As a long time Windows Phone fan, but one who deserted the OS for pastures new that would work with smartwatches, Garmin have

Windows 10 Mobile users to get updates directly

Having been an Android user for many years one of the great frustrations that I had was waiting for updates.  While Nexus users might be able to install the latest and greatest OS updates, everyone else had to wait for both carrier and OEM approval.  In some

More rumours of a Microsoft Surface Phone

Rumours of a fabled ‘Surface Phone’ have existed for a number of years now.  That such a phone was originally being worked upon is beyond doubt: enough circumstantial evidence suggests that it did exist, on paper if nothing else.  But sadly it was supposedly cancelled at the time

Lumia 950 now available on Vodafone

Fancy one of these? The Microsoft Lumia 950, which is powered by a hexa-core Qualcomm Snapdragom 808 CPU and capable of achieving a 50% charge in just 30 minutes, is available for just £35 with a £9 upfront cost. That will provide 1GB of data, unlimited texts and 1000

New Microsoft Lumia phones reduced again

All I ever seem to write about these days are price reductions to Microsoft products.  I’m not complaining mind; I can’t wait to get my hands on one of the new phones, it just leaves me wondering why the cost keeps dropping given that nothing has actually

Lumia 950XL now to include a free Continuum Display Dock

Last week we posted a story about how the new flagship Microsoft phones had been reduced in price even before their release.  If that wasn’t enough to tempt you, Microsoft are now offering a free Display Dock to anyone purchasing a Lumia 950XL through its website before

An update on Windows 10 Mobile device availability

I confess I’m still slightly uncertain how we’re supposed to refer to this – Windows Mobile 10 sounds like the WM6 of old; Windows Phone 10 is plainly no longer used; and Windows 10 Mobile sounds daft when abbreviated to W10M.  Anyway, digression aside, as we get

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL already reduced

They’re not even out yet and already the flagship Lumia handsets have been reduced in price. Crisis!! Actually, that comes across as a little unfair, particularly coming from someone chomping at the bit to get their hands on one of these shiny new phones.  The 950 had

Windows 10 Mobile updates to be pushed out from Microsoft directly

One of the great differences between Apple on the one hand, and Google and Microsoft on the other, is that Apple controls all aspects of its hardware and software. This means it pushes out OS updates quickly and without having to wait for approval from carriers and manufacturers.

Got a Windows Phone? Convert it, maybe, to Windows 10 in December

If you’ve got all warm and fuzzy about those new Lumia handsets and want a piece of Windows 10 action on your existing Windows Phone, come close. Microsoft have revealed that the spanky new OS will be available for upgrading this December. The info is buried in

Microsoft Lumia 950 and 950XL revealed

That day has come when we finally see a long overdue Microsoft Lumia flagship. Now, for those of you wanting a Surface Phone … you might as well stop reading. That is not what we have here. What we do have is two really nice looking Lumia