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Buy a mobile phone and get a free.. mobile phone!

It seems a bizarre and almost desperate pitch. Imagine a smartphone manufacturer offering up a £469.99 smartphone and then, if you buy it, giving you a phone worth £419.99 completely free. That’s be insane. You’d think that the manufacturer had totally lost the plot. You’d think that

The death of Windows Phone. Market share sinks further.

Say what you like about my Windows Phone tirade, it’s all sadly true. Call it what you want – Windows 10 mobile, Windows Phone, I’m angry at how easily Microsoft let their lead slip. I’m annoyed at how slowly they realised. I’m frustrated at how they treated

Windows Phone losing market share

The promised upgrade of all Lumia handsets to Windows 10 mobile hasn’t quite happened and Microsoft isn’t making a big song and dance about newly released handsets either. Things aren’t looking too great for the Microsoft mobile OS. However, Windows 10 mobile is available and, when these

Huawei announce the P9 and P9 Plus

Today Huawei have just finished their press conference which we covered live with the help of Paul O’Brien from MoDoCo. The event was full of glitz and glamour as their events usually are, and if you wish to relive the blow-by-blow report from the event then take a

Windows 10 Mobile has arrived

Word on the street is that Windows 10 Mobile is arriving on handsets right now, with select Windows 8.1 devices getting the update. Mike Phillips has mailed in to tell us that he’s got it on his Lumia 1520 already. The supported devices for the upgrade are

Difficulty seeing a doctor? Get an online one instead

Last year my son ended up in hospital with meningococcal septicaemia. It was a scary time, and I’ll admit that I completely lost my rag with the local GP surgery. Our town had seen the closure of a local surgery, and we’d been shipped across to another

Windows Phones – HERE no more

Windows Phone and Windows phone users will, if we’re brutally honest, have got used to developers skipping their platform. Those cool but perhaps not “massively used” applications are nearly always available for Android and iPhone, but when it comes to the Microsoft mobile platform, you simply have

Windows 10 Mobile to be released on Android handsets

Amidst the news of Microsoft’s ailing mobile efforts comes a new approach.  Last year Microsoft, in conjunction with OEM Xiaomi, released a version of its mobile OS for installation on the Mi 4 Android phone.  News from China suggests that this approach is now going to be

MWC – Acer Jade Primo hands on

We took a chance to go out to see the Acer booth and whilst we were out there we came across the recently announced Jade Primo Windows 10 mobile. Now we have already covered this one during our IFA coverage from last year. Although we covered it

MWC – HP Elite x3 Hands on

We posted the news yesterday that HP are re-entering the mobile market with a Windows 10 device. Now we’ve had some time to get hands on with one of the devices. I am very impressed with it but instead of reading my thoughts on it lets see

MWC – HP Elite X3 brings Windows 10 Mobile back in the game

Long when we thought Windows 10 Mobile wasn’t going to see any support further than the Lumias and the Acer Jade Primo, HP has surprised quite a few people with the announcement of the Elite X3. Yes, that’s right – not only are HP going in on

Review of Zulutrade App

Zulutrade brings innovation and simplicity into a very technical, dangerous and perplexing industry – forex trading. Forex, or foreign exchange, is quite simply the exchange of one currency for another at an agreed exchange price. It’s the world’s most traded market. Trading tools are usually used by

Microsoft Lumia 650 – Official specs revealed

Will this be the last Lumia? Well, it’s certainly what Microsoft have done well at recently. Cheaper Windows Phone devices seem to sell, even if it’s still not quite as many as they’d hoped. So step forward the Lumia 650, it runs Windows 10 Mobile and the

Microsoft cuts yet more jobs in its mobile division

Despite the launch of two premium Lumia handsets and Windows 10 Mobile late last year, things are not going well for Microsoft’s mobile aspirations.  Sales figures are down, and although the new phones received generally positive reviews, they hardly set the tech world alight with new features

Microsoft swipes SwiftKey. We have the exclusive boardroom transcript *

Well. I guess there’s some sort of logic to this. Perhaps there was a meeting at Microsoft that went something like this… “Hey guys, you bought Swype didn’t you?” “No, not yet. We bought Skype…” “Ohh bugger. I thought we’d bought that software keyboard company…” “No, we

Mobile Phone sales compared for 2015/6

In the last week or so we’ve seen a number of different companies release their 2015 sales figures.  Any guesses who was the highest selling manufacturer of 2015??  Read on and all shall be revealed… Perhaps the biggest, or at least most cited, story last week was

The BLU Win 4.5″ JR – The £40 smartphone, reviewed.

As Microsoft launch the new flagship Lumia 950 XL, it’s easy to forget the other end of the smartphone market, for example the BLU Win 4.5″ JR which was recently available for just under £40 from Amazon, but what do you actually get for your money a

New Windows Mobile 10 handset on sale at Argos

Not sure this will exactly set the pulse racing, but beggars can’t be choosers etc.  For those keen to try Windows Mobile 10 but don’t want the expense of the new Lumia 950 or 950XL and who don’t want to wait for the older handsets to be

Gone in 60 Seconds…. the Xiaomi Mi Pad 2

The eagle-eared amongst may have heard our Matteo mention (during our monster End-of-the-Year Awards Podcast) that his “Tablet of the Year “was the “Xiaomi Mi Pad 2”. This was a metal-clad, QHD screen-toting device that was released in China earlier in the year. At 7.9 inches, and with a