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Windows Phone (as we know it)… dead? – opinion

The team working at CSP towers are great people. They’re passionate, dedicated, and most of all, opinionated. Although we get along, we don’t always agree. This is one of those times. A couple of days ago, Mike posted an article which basically said that Windows Phone isn’t dead,

Windows Phone is not yet dead!

A few days Microsoft revealed that it was writing off a colossal amount of money and sacking small football stadium’s worth of staff.  The tech websites were split in how this move was viewed: for some it was a sensible streamlining whilst for others it suggested that

Details of Continuum for Windows Phone 10 leaked

Microsoft’s strategy for Windows 10 is an exciting one – that you can utilise the same apps, documents, files etc across a range of devices.  One of the most eagerly anticipated aspects of this is Continuum – the ability to use your Windows Phone 10 essentially as

Lumia 1020 successor: more rumours

One of my favourite things about the mobile industry and sites such as ours is the way that leaked blurry and unrecognisable images keep us guessing at the great new phone around the corner. The Lumia 1020 was released in July 2013 to great fanfare, primarily because of

IDC publishes another load of analyst prediction guff

Here is the smartphone market share according to IDC. Have a look at that purple line. That’s Windows Phone. As you can see, for 3 years, it’s not really moved a great deal. I’m not going to say anything more about that. I wish Windows Phone was

MixRadio now available on iOS and Android

MixRadio, the music streaming service previously found only on Nokia Lumia before appearing on other Windows Phones and other Nokias, is now cross platform and available on iOS and Android devices. The service allows you to choose from a selection of over 10,000 pre-selected mixes (10,409 according

Microsoft Hyperlapse actually looks quite good

You’ve probably seen sped up videos online, where the original video is played back at 10X the speed. So the video of a man skiing down a mountain look really smooth and arty. But when you’ve tried to do it yourself they just look rubbish. Well amazingly

Windows Mobile – Back from the dead

We’ve been covering smartphones since the Orange SPV and Microsoft Smartphone 2002. That, along with Microsoft Pocket PC, eventually became Windows Mobile 2003, then Windows Mobile 5.0, Windows Mobile 6.0, Windows Mobile 6.1, Windows Mobile 6.5 and then we had the whole “Windows Phone 7 Series” launch

Lumia 640 and Microsoft Band deal on O2

The cynic in me suspects this might be a sign that O2 are not shifting enough of their stock of the Lumia 640 and Microsoft Band…but, for those tempted to opt for a pretty well-specced but low priced Windows Phone, look no further than this deal.  

Lumia 640 now available on EE with WiFi Calling

We spotted the Lumia 640 in March at Mobile World Congress and snapped some shots of this lovely orange one. EE have just given us word that they will be offering the cyan colour variant here in the UK. It’s a mid-range 5″ (1280×720) IPS device with

Skype and Sky. Too similar, rules court

Here we go again. Another battle between Sky and Microsoft and, after a lengthy case, the court has agreed with Sky. What’s the problem? Well, somehow, it would seem that Skype .. … could be mistaken for Sky.. This isn’t the first time that Sky have thrown

Microsoft BUILD Conference – round up of Day 1

Yesterday Microsoft opened their annual developer’s conference in California to great fanfare.  As we had reported, rumours had been rife about some sort of Android announcement, yet when it came it wasn’t entirely as had been expected.  Most of the attention was, of course, focused on the

Are Microsoft about to announce Android apps on Windows Phone?

Later today the annual Microsoft Build conference will get under-way.  This is sort of the equivalent of the Google I/O event, or Apple’s WWDC; in other words it is a massive deal for Microsoft, particularly in a year when Windows 10 will be released for desktop PCs,

Lumia 640XL LTE now available to buy in the UK

Another week, another mid-range Lumia phone…the phablet-sized Lumia 640XL is nothing new, but Microsoft’s website has now changed its status from coming soon to available for purchase Announced at the same time as the 640, Microsoft’s latest phone boasts some decent specs, if nothing that’ll change the

Windows phones just aren’t making any money.

In a few days people will be going out to vote in the General Election. There’s going to be far, far less people walking the several hundred yards to the polling station than if it was a text-in vote on X-Factor. This time though, for the first

Google to deliver more secure and familiar age ratings

  It’s been a problem for some time now, and to some extent it still continues. I’ve been banging on about the fact that the “family computer” is now a distant memory. You can’t really keep an eye on your kids when they’ve got small connected gadgets

Skyscanner, who are they and what do they do?

Those of you who are regular listeners to the CSP towers podcast will no doubt have heard of Skyscanner and its resident mobile guru Matteo. Although it sounds from his name that he would be a resident of warmer climes, he actually harks from my neck of

Rumours of new Lumia phones

You’ve just got to love rumours; without them most tech websites would be very sad affairs. Microsoft’s approach to Lumia handsets has been nothing short of dull – the vast array of similar low and mid-range handsets has been, frankly, quite underwhelming. There’s obviously a market for them, but