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Android One starts with India

Android One is an idea, an idea that is starting to grow into something that could be huge. The idea of a low cost Android device, with hardware hand picked by Google and the latest software, could be seen as a way for Google and Android manufacturers

Fireman Sam shows how it’s done

When I was a kid, perhaps 18 or 19, I used to love Fireman Sam. I’m sure there’s quite a few of you out there who remember the song… He’s always on the scene, Fireman Sam And his engine’s bright and clean, Fireman Sam You can not

Android App permissions. Noticed something?

You may have become fairly numb to the fact that a massive chunks of Android apps have the right to read your texts and look at your photos. The whole system is, if we’re honest, too relaxed. We waive any right to privacy in exchange for an

New Sonic game hits Fever pitch

Apologies in advance for that “local free newspaper”-style headline that crow-bars the word “Fever” from “Sonic Jump Fever” in, it’s still early. :) Sega, who are perhaps best known for this intro sound would like me to mention their new Sonic game. It’s called “Jump Fever” and

WWDC 2014, Keep June 2nd Free

It’s that time of the year again when Apple set their date for WWDC and we are inundated with ideas of what might be released this year. Will it be the Ipad 12, Iphone 26S, Mac OS 134.23.  Okay they are a bit over exaggerated but we

Exclusivity agreements blocking you from getting that latest game

Just recently the new version of Cut The Rope arrived on Android. Trouble is,  it’d been released months before on iOS. Watching an app or game being used by your mates which you can’t download is difficult and, according to the Wall Street Journal,  it’s due in

The Evolution of Mobile Gaming

It wasn’t too long ago that the bright green screens of our Nokia 3310s were displaying the blockish graphics of Snake. Nowadays, after huge strides in technological advancement and a wave of new and creative developer studios, the game has quite literally changed. Now we can launch

Recovering lost data with MobiSaver.

Everyone must know that horrible sinking feeling when you’ve accidentally deleted something. It’s worse on phones, as there’s usually some pretty personal information on there such as photos, text messages and music. Imagine you’ve just lost some data. Whether it be an accidental deletion or someone resetting

Aviate for Android gets a music based update

Aviate is one of the clever predictive launchers that try to guess where you are, what apps you’re going to use and now with the latest update that gets a little bit more clever. We’ve hit the ground running here at Yahoo and have been listening attentively

Inq Mobile bites the dust

Digging through the Coolsmartphone archives, I can see that our last mention of an Inq Mobile handset was back in 2011. It’s been more than a little quiet since then. The Inq Cloud Touch had a 5 megapixel camera and 320×480 pixel screen. It was available on

More cheap international calling – MobiVoip

I must admit, I’ve seen quite a few apps that’ll help you make cheaper international calls. Today it’s one called MobiVoip which, naturally, is available on .. err.. Anyhow, it’s available for both Android and iOS. You can make free video and voice calls between other

iPhone App Review – Blockapp

If you’re into your Tetris-style games, Blockapp might be worth to try, even though some of the translations are a bit iffy. It’s an iOS app available for iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch and is completely free. It turns the Tetris world upside-down, as blocks glide from

Top 5 apps for December revealed

Good old Distimo eh? We all love them. No, me neither. However, they’ve done some research and, using bits of data from the Apple App Store and Google Play, they’ve got the top apps of December 2013. The top free apps from the Apple App Store included

Dropbox updated. Now with folder sharing management

Dropbox has been the online storage choice for many. However, if you’ve checked the app recently you’ll have noticed a pretty significant update. It’ll now let you manage those magical shared folders that you can invite your friends to view. Now send a link and invite people

Piikki – Keeping track of your expenses easily

I’ll be honest, I’m pretty rubbish when it comes to money. I firmly believe that there’s some magical fairies sitting in my bank account because, even though I try not to spend anything, money seems to leak out all over the place. If you’re a contractor or

Android Flashlight app ‘deceives’ millions

Federal Trade Commission stated GoldenShores Technologies took ID and location data from the millions using its Brightest Flashlight app. The developer shared the data with ad networks but did not tell users about this practice. To settle the charges, GoldenShores has agreed to give users more control

Cuebox 3D Pool Game Review

As if playing pool in two dimensions isn’t hard enough, there is now 3D Pool. This is definitely a game that will test your mental acuity and give that redundant geometry knowledge a workout. As you can imagine from the title, the game is based around a

Instagram for Windows Phone is finally available

The day has finally come, the day that non Windows Phone fans have to search for another app to cite as their reason for not being able to get on with Windows Phone. Yes Instagram is now available for Windows Phone. But as is often the way,

Goodbye Google Currents, magazines….Hello Google Play Newsstand

Read all about it, read all about it. Google Play Magazine is no more.  Google Currents is no longer current. The information gathering behemoth that is Google has replaced both apps with one that has been rumoured for some time.  Enter Google Play Newsstand. The app takes