Hot trending apps to ease the boredom away

Got nothing to do? Got some time free? Waiting for a bus? Are you perhaps on a train, in a lift, on your lunch, in the coffee queue or waiting for a lift?

Chances are, you’ll be looking down at your phone to soak up some free time. For a lot of us, this involves the never-ending stream of updates on Twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Snapchat or Facebook. There’s definitely plenty of social media to keep up with, but let’s not forget that there is also a huge amount of high-end games available too. These games have really moved on now, and you can get console-like graphics and sound from the smartphone you carry around with you.

So, if you really want to kill some time and shake off that feeling of boredom, move away from the tirade of tweets and start playing!

Here’s some games to help pass the time that we’ve played recently..


Who said all games have to be mind-numbing and brainless fun? With 2048, you’ll get to spend some fun time and, more importantly, exercise your analytical skills. This math-oriented game wants you to swipe tiles until you reach the number 2048, and it can get quite addictive. Your goal is to avoid being eliminated until you manage to reach 2048, and it’s going to take some basic math skills and a lot of focus. It’s definitely quite an entertaining game for adults and children alike, and you could kill some time with this one.


This is another pretty cool app where you will get to flex your analytical skills and use your brain to get ahead of the clock. You’ll be faced with a series of challenges in math, speed reading, comprehension, memory, and writing. Each section requires a lot of focus and creativity on your end, and you’ll even use audio for some parts of the game. You will find a free version and a premium one where you’ll get to play as much as you want, and it offers a much more interesting gaming experience.

Flow Free

Had enough of mind games? Well, Flow Free will probably change your mind as you try hard to connect matching colors to pipes, creating a flow, hence the name of the game. If you manage to cover the board, you will move on to the next level where things will get a lot trickier. If you cross or overlap pipes, they break and you lose. This is one of the more interesting apps that will allow you to use your brain while trying to complete this colorful tableau, and it’s a great way to kill some time.


You can’t bring brain games up without mentioning this one, and it’s quite possibly much more interesting than most of the other ones. In this game, you’ll get to compete against other players if you want, while you try to find answers to a series of select questions, covering a variety of over 100 topics on everything you could possibly imagine. You’ll find questions on history, science, pop culture, economics, music, movies, and anything else you could think of. QuizUp is definitely a game trivia fans will appreciate, and even if you aren’t, it’s the perfect chance for you to improve your knowledge on a variety of things, all while spending some fun time competing against your friends.


Other than games, what’s the best way to spend time? Talking with friends and making new ones is definitely a contender, and this app lets you do just that. With OpenTalk, you can connect with people from all over the world and do something everybody enjoys—talk. You can make new friends and discover new cultures, all from the comfort of your home. The world is truly your oyster with OpenTalk.

Bubble Wrap

Forget about any other app; this is the one you’ve been looking for! Who of us hasn’t enjoyed popping bubble wrap as a kid? Who are we kidding; you probably enjoy it just as much now, if not more. Well, fortunately, the powers that came to understand just how much people love those colorful wraps, and Bubble Wrap was created so you could pop them all night long if you want from the comfort of your couch. There are even different ways to pop them, so you will definitely have a lot of fun with this one and you’ll probably never think of bubble wrap the same way after this.


This app gives you a great chance to not only while away the time, but also learn a lot about what goes on in the world. StumbleUpon gives you access to content from all corners of the world, and you get it in any form you’d like, from memes and GIFs to videos and articles. You just select the topics you’re interested in, and the app will create a curated list of topics that might interest you from different places all over. That way, you’ll get to kill any free time you might have, and you’ll also learn a thing or two in the process.


Ever wanted to learn origami? Paperama gives you the chance to fold all the shapes you want to use your smartphone. With some breathtaking 3D effects and over 50 puzzles you could choose from, you’ll delve deep into the world of origami and explore your childhood all over again with this enjoyable app.


It happens quite often that you get the urge to talk to a random person, venting and sharing your feelings without any restrictions or judgment. AnonyChat gives you the chance to talk to anonymous strangers in quite a random order, which is pretty enjoyable. You get to share text and photos, and have interesting conversations with people from all over the world.

Jammin’ Jars

Everybody likes colors, and everybody likes fruit. Well, Jammin’ Jars gives you both, and you get to enjoy a matching game similar to Candy Crush. It even gets better; you can actually win some real money with this game.

Sand Draw Sketch

Remember that time when you were a kid, and you enjoyed drawing in the sand? With Sand Draw Sketch, you get to enjoy all your childhood experiences with sand all over again without having to leave your home. You’ll draw on the sand using your phone and unleash all your creativity.

Online Casinos

When it comes to killing your free time and enjoying some online apps, nothing compares to the casinos. You get to enjoy all the fun games you would at a Vegas casino on your phone, and the joys of gambling are at your fingertips. Almost all the casino apps are compatible with Android or iOS devices; SCR888 is one of the online casinos, you can get anywhere. You’ll get to enjoy a host of different games from slots and poker to all the rest of your favorite casino games, with colorful designs and cool features.


Why not learn a new language on your phone? That way, you’ll have gotten rid of any feelings of boredom, and walked out with a new language. Duolingo is arguably the best language-learning app out there, and it’s used by millions around the world to learn a whole lot of different languages. You get to choose between French, Spanish, English, German, and over 20 other languages. And their exercise programs are quite thorough with a variety of different techniques in place to help you pick up expressions and words as efficiently as possible.


There’s nothing quite like a good old game of Sudoku, and it is a game that is loved by millions around the world. Whether you grew up with it or you started playing it on your phone, it’s quite an addictive game that takes a certain level of skill, focus, and determination to complete. The mobile apps come with a lot of cool features like the ability to compare scores with friends and family. What better way to spend your free time?

Perfect365: One-Tap Makeover

This one’s for the ladies, and it’s a pretty interesting app to pass the time. This application allows women to find out which hairstyle suits them best, and you do it by uploading a photo of yourself and trying out different haircuts, hair colors, eye shades, and lip shades.

Toilet Time

Instead of spending your time on the toilet, checking Facebook and Instagram, Toilet Time gives you a variety of different toilets-themed games that will ensure your time on one never goes to waste. The great thing about those games is the fact that you can play them all in a few minutes, so it’s definitely time well spent with some mindless entertainment.

Meme Generator Free

If there’s one obvious trait of this generation, it’s definitely memes. Everything is put in memes, and we spend most of our time online checking and creating memes. If you always liked them, but never really knew how to create one, Meme Generator Free will give you the chance to make your very own memes. You can create them using different colors and fonts, and you can share them with your loved ones and become a certified meme lord!

Can You Escape

While the name of the app does sound a bit horrific, it’s actually pretty entertaining. It’s an escape-room experience brought to your mobile phone. Just like those real-life games, you will need to solve a puzzle to escape by moving into different rooms, going over different obstacles and mysteries until you finally make it out alive. It’s one of the most popular apps in the market right now, and it makes sense considering how popular real-life escape rooms have been for the past few years.


This is a food lover’s paradise, and no, this isn’t a dating app. With Tender, you get to share photos of your favorite meals and recipes, and see those shared by others. It’s the perfect app if you’re looking for some inspiration and recipes to change things up in the kitchen, and the food just looks delicious! You could easily lose yourself in this one, and end up spending hours watching recipes of gorgeous meals and preparing your dive into different cuisines.


If you’re really looking for a mind-bending game, then Duet is what you’re after. It’s a complex game where you have to maneuver two spheres in the same orbit, bending the blocks that are falling on them simultaneously. What makes this game so complicated is the fact that you control both at the same time, which has to be done in perfect sync without losing control. As you progress through the levels, the difficulty will increase and you might end up spending days on this one. So, beware!

Move the Block: Slide Puzzle

While the premise of this game might sound simple at first––you slide blocks to get the red one to the other side––you’ll find that the execution is a whole other story. Move the Block Slide Puzzle takes you on a wild journey that will test your mental prowess, and you will need a lot of focus and fortitude to get over this one.

Crossy Road

This is a pretty interesting game where you will have to choose the right time to cross the road amid moving cars, with different obstacles along your way like bridges and rivers. You’re supposed to cross the road without collapsing, and the design of the game alone will steal your heart. It’s a retro game with pop art spread all over the map, and you’ll encounter a lot of interesting scenarios before you reach the finish line.


One-stop shop for all your reading needs? Yes, please! Feedly gives you the option to add all your favorite sites within the app and you’ll divide them into different categories, so you could browse through all the different updates that are happening on your favorite sites.

You can’t help but admire the number and variety of apps you can get on your phone. It’s not even an option anymore to have any spare time to get bored. You just need to take out your phone and download one of the dozens of available apps that can occupy your time for days to come. Just be careful not to get too hooked!