Top iOS/Android cross platform games

Mutiplayer game downloads are on the rise. While multiplayer once meant that you were competing with other players on a game’s leader board, many mobile games now support both real time player versus player and cooperative gaming modes.

Playing multiplayer games is a great way to blow off steam or catch up with friends. These games range from puzzles, strategy games and arcade games to first person shooters, augmented reality and adventure games. 

Not all mobile games are available on both iOS and Android devices. This can be a rather irritating discovery when you switch phones and realise you can no longer play the game you love, or when everyone you know is playing a newly released game, but you are missing out because your device isn’t compatible.

Games accessible on both devices

There are however many games that have been created by developers to be both suitable on both iOS and Android devices. Some game manufacturers recognise the importance of reaching a larger target market by making their games compatible with several devices which in most cases has led to their game thriving. An industry that has recognised this importance is the mobile casino industry, with many providers offering their sites and games on both devices. Mobile casinos can be accessed via a mobile app that can be downloaded via the App Store or Google Play, as in most cases providers have made apps iOS and Android friendly. Popular casino games like roulette, blackjack and slots can be accessed anywhere and anytime because of mobile casinos, and this has led to this industry excelling as the casino world realised the importance of making games accessible to everyone. 

Cross Platform Games

For those players who are looking to compete each other but have different devices, it is important to know that there are cross platform games that support multiplayer in every gaming category. Here are just a few of the most popular and highly rated games:

Cribbage Pro Online

If you are a fan of puzzles and card games, then the Cribbage Pro Online is definitely one to try out. 

Played with two players, the classic Cribbage rules apply and participants must try and reach a score of 121 with the correct combination of cards. The game has a simple easy-to-use layout and it doesn’t take new players long to pick up the rules and learn how to use all of the app’s features.

Competitors can play together across different platforms and device types, including mobile phones and computers. There is even a global leader board for you to compare your results with.

This is a fun and simple game suitable for all ages and technological abilities.

Words with Friends 2

Another cross platform game is the Words with Friends series. The classic Words with Friends game has been updated to include a whole host of new, exciting features. As with the original version, you can play against either a friend or a complete stranger on the internet.

This new update includes lightning rounds. The lightning round involved two teams of five players, who must compete to reach a certain score in the amount of time given. There is also a solo challenge that allows you to play against the computer and win virtual prizes. 

If you find the third party adverts distracting, players can opt for in-app purchases and turn them off. There are also daily goals, weekly challenges to get involved with and quick play mini games for those short on time to enjoy.


Space themed cross platform game Spaceteam is another free app ideal for groups of friends or housemates. The game’s display features cool spaceship controls, including phasers and accelerators that allow you to travel at hyperspace speeds. You’ll give commands to one another as you fly through the galaxy. Together you must find your way through a number of unexpected challenges and keep your spacecraft in good working condition.

You and your partners will need to be close by as the game requires you to connect to one another using your phone’s Bluetooth. 

While the game’s storyline is fairly simple, Spaceteam is a thrilling adventure and will have you hooked after a couple of go’s.

Call of Duty: Mobile

First person shooter Call of Duty has a number of multiplayer modes, including sniper v sniper, 5 v 5 team deathmatch and the 100 player battle royale mode. Loyal COD fans will enjoy its iconic maps and weapon choices. 

As with the console version, you can collect and customise weapons with a variety of skins.

Still its release, the game has spent a lot of time in app store top charts for free to play games. There have been a few bugs that have needed fixing along the way, but these have been remedied quickly with version updates.


Hearthstone is a strategic, warfare themed game available to download free through both Google Play and the Apple store. Players collect cards and compete in enemy battles. You can defeat enemies with different spells and use different creatures. 

Part of this game’s allure is its stunning, colourful graphics and well-designed animations and sound effects, which allow players to fully immerse themselves in the Hearthstone world. It’s easy to forget that you are playing on a small mobile phone screen.

If you are feeling especially brave then you can battle it out with other players in the arena.

Hearthstone is a game of skill, patience and strategy. Getting the cards you need and developing an effective game plan takes time. However, with time you will be able to devise your path to victory.