How to play casino games on your smartphone

There was a time when casino and gambling apps were not allowed in the various app stores. However, three years ago things started changing. Google Play announced that they would start accepting gambling apps in July 2017. Before that, gaming sites were only ever able to offer a mobile app via a direct-download from their site or, well, they just didn’t have a mobile app at all. Instead, they would have to use their website.

It is, though, strictly controlled. In the case of Android, developers are required to submit details to Google surrounding the licences for the countries they’re looking to target. This process is similar to Apple’s and means that the approval process is slightly longer. This is to ensure that you as a customer are kept safe.

But how exactly do you start? Well, the best advice is to look for an app where real money isn’t spent. This means that you can learn some of the games which, let’s be honest, you may not have ever played before. This, then, is the one minor problem – people tend to shy away from playing the card and arcade games because you may be unsure on how to play. So, with these “free to play” apps, you can learn how to play in a completely worry-free way.

Next, you can play with real money. There’s many apps and games available and, of course, depending where you are in the world there’ll be slightly different choice. If you’re want to find a casino online in usa then you’ll now find a whole lot more thanks to the popularity of smartphones and tablets. It’s now become even easier to find casino, sportsbooks and arcade apps.

Start by learning the games then, when you’re confident, head to the real-money games, set a betting limit and have fun.