2019’s most entertaining online games

Mobile gaming is now more popular than ever. In fact, almost half of all revenue in the global gaming industry was earned through mobile games last year. Game developers used to only release games for PC and consoles, but now they’re investing and becoming more involved in the mobile market. As this market has become more competitive, developers have worked hard to improve the variety and quality of their games.

Mobile games are often low cost and convenient. They’re perfect for providing entertainment on the go, during the commute to work or even just while you are relaxing and unwinding at home.

We have such a huge variety of gaming options accessible on our phones now, with everything from casino games to adventure games and first-person shooters – there is something for everyone to enjoy.

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s time to look back at the year that was, and we’re fortunate to have to be spoilt for choice. That’s why we have rounded up just a few of this year’s best and most entertaining online games that can be played on mobile:

  • Call of Duty: Mobile

One of the most loved shooter games on the market, Call of Duty hit the app store recently and has already had millions of people downloading it, as they look to join battles with their friends and random players from around the world from their mobile.

Take your pick between the 100 player battle royale mode or one of the regular multiplayer options, including search and destroy or deathmatch. The game has impressive 3D graphics with voice and text chat and customisable controls.

There are plenty of maps to choose from, you will be familiar with all of them from previous games in the series. These include the close quarter map Nuketown, boat map Hijacked and the helicopter crash site Crash. Larger maps have been left off this version of the game, in favour of these smaller maps for quicker more intense games.

  • Goldorado

For gamers that enjoy playing online slots, Goldorado is a game that you will love.

Enter the deep South American jungle for your chance to get your hands on some gold. Set within a stone temple building, there are two different reel sets and each of these offer 25 paylines. Pairplay have paid close attention to detail when developing this fun, jungle adventure theme.

Look out for the turquoise icon, this is the big money maker that will award you six times your original stake for a six in combination. There are also a number of other great extras in the game, including a wild that replaces all symbols and delivers a reward of ten times the stake per payline.

There is also the opportunity for plenty of free spins in this game. When the scatter lands and you have collected the reels and filled all eight positions, you will be given your free spin. When you take these free spins, you can use the totem to add multiplier wilds, these wilds boost the payout value by up to five times the original amount.

  • The Pinball Wizard

Developed by Frosty Pop Games, Pinball Wizard is available to iOS mobile users with access to Apple’s new arcade subscription service.

As a young apprentice wizard on top of the Mountain of Shadow, you must use your wizarding skills to explore a castle tower and destroy the dungeon monsters using your pinball flippers and collect their treasures. The treasures have a variety of powers for casting spells, one being the magic orb that can be used as a second ball.

Your wizard uses up his energy by casting these, which you will be able to regain over time or by hitting barrels inside the mysterious tower. Be careful of monsters as these can damage or even kill your wizard if not quickly defeated.

This is a fun and highly addictive game that is ideal for when you have just a little bit of time on your hands.

  •  Harry Potter: Wizards Unite

Fans of the wizarding world and the Harry Potter series have also enjoyed the release of Harry Potter: Wizards Unite in 2019. This RPG is similar to Pokemon Go, but instead of collecting Pokemon, players must collect a range of magical artefacts.

Helping to uphold the ever so important Statute of Secrecy, you and other brave wizards and witches from around the world must work together to solve the Calamity and keep the muggles from knowing the truth about magic.

Players explore this game in the real world with a clever augmented overlay, collecting potions and Foundables. Choose from three different magical profession types, including  Auror, Magizoologist and Professor. You can upgrade these professions over time with skill trees and tackle fortresses with other players.

This is a truly immersive gaming experience, if you liked Pokemon Go you are sure to love Wizards Unite.

  • Mario Kart Tour

With the choice of a number of race tracks from both the SNEs original and more recent releases, players of Mario Kart Tour must use their driving ability, control and good judgement to power around the course and win the race. A new release of a familiar game, that brings with it a sense of nostalgia for many.

Steering your kart from left to right with your thumb, you can collect cubes containing power-ups and aim for power slides. You don’t need to worry about acceleration as this is handled without your input.

Players will be familiar with the characters’ abilities and weapons, like Diddy Kong’s havoc causing banana barrels. The game’s new frenzy mode allows players to gain an unlimited supply of items, giving you a powerful edge over your competition. But be warned, act quickly and make use of this power, as frenzy mode does not last for long!

These are just five of 2019’s most entertaining online games that you can play on your mobile. We’d love to hear your favourites though, so do chip in through the comments below.