Find your local mobile mast – 2020 Update

With 5G masts being thrown up at a rapid rate and concerns over signal or safety, there’s always been a keen interest in where local mobile masts actually are.

Back in 2011 we started looking into this, and back then the mobile networks were reporting where all their masts were, however as time went by things changed. Over the years, we’ve looked into this again (2016) and again (2017) and again (2018) and again (2020).

However, today I stumbled over a fairly easy way of locating your local mobile phone mast. There’s a small caveat here, in that you can only see the mast for the mobile network your phone is using, but I think it’s really quite a good solution.

101Mbps on Vodafone 4G. Not bad at all.

It comes in the form of the OpenSignal app, which is available for Android or iOS. The app already tells you how good the signal is in your local area, plus you can do speed tests and report your own signal strength etc.

However, there’s a “Find Signal” tab now which, if you hit the “Cell Towers” button, shows all the local masts for the network you’re on. It shows you which mast your phone is connected to and the Cell IDs, so you can see exactly where those local masts are…

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