5 Ways technology can boost business productivity

Who doesn’t want to become more productive in their business? Whether you work in sales, administration, property management, or finance, technology can be used to make us better employees and better business owners. Up to 85% of workers lack the technological resources to deal with their daily tasks efficiently.

If you work in human relations or own your own company, developing your technology use can help you use your and your employees’ time more effectively. And that helps the bottom line.

#1 Use Group Chats

Miscommunication can cost big bucks in any industry. It is estimated that small companies with fewer than 1000 workers lost $420,000 per year because of poor communication between employees.

Group chat technology can enhance the efficiency of communication of employees in the office and the field. If you have a team inspecting a property building for possible purchase, doing a group chat with them on the fly could be a life-saver if some vital details crop up about the building’s condition.

Urgent questions can get answers right away, and there are no more of those dreaded “I missed your email’ excuses. Group messaging apps such as Fleep and Slack can be conveniently accessed on iPhone and Android devices anywhere.

#2 Simplify Daily Tasks

All of us do small tasks daily that take anywhere from a few minutes to seconds. You might not notice how much time those little tasks take, but the time piles up.

Technology can simplify these little tasks and enhance workplace productivity. For example, if your management team shares files and systems that are password-protected, many excellent password management tools can increase efficiency. These tools offer access to the systems they need without giving them passwords.

This boosts data security and saves time because they no longer need to ask people for passwords.

#3 Streamline Project Management Tasks

A significant property management project is nearing the end, and everyone is scrambling to get everything lined up for the closing. Several employees are working on the same task and don’t know they are all doing the same thing. Confusion arises, time is wasted, and people feel like they are spinning their wheels.

Poor project management can be avoided today with project management apps such as Trello and Asana. Team members know what everyone else is working on. It also provides clear outlines, task dependencies, and project bottlenecks. Project managers have the information they need to take steps to maintain high productivity.

#4 Automate Time Tracking To Boost Productivity

If workers are still punching time cards and managing timesheets to log hours, they miss out on automated time tracking technology.

These tools reduce the possibility that workers commit time theft, which can save your business thousands of dollars per year.

Second, you are helping your human resources managers save the time they would be auditing time entries and fixing bogus time logs.

Lastly, you gain important insights into how your workers are spending their time. You can pinpoint productivity leaks and find opportunities to optimize work time. Also, you can plan your projects better and increase employee productivity.

#5 Reduce Need For Manual Time Sharing

Have you ever had to wait hours for a colleague to send you files you need to complete a deal? Sharing files is a primary task that workers do every day, from real estate to manufacturing. But it is a work productivity killer. Filesharing technology such as Box and Dropbox makes sharing files a breeze.

Now that you understand how technology can make your business productivity soar, give some of these great tools a try. You’ll see the results quickly!