Cool Android time-filler game. Invaders.

Many years ago, when school computers looked like this, I went to school with a guy who ended up – as I’ve just found out – coding Android games. Last time I saw him was at his wedding, when I got very drunk indeed. Anyhow, he posted something on Facebook about releasing his second Android game and I was like, “You do Android games? When did that happen?”

From the looks of his company Facebook page (Projector Studios), it looks like project meetings are held down the pub and they like playing with the Oculus development kit, so definitely a cool crew.

Anyhoo, this latest one is called Invaders From Another World, or just “Invaders” for short. You’re basically the invader and you fly your UFO above the city, dropping bombs at the right time in order to flatten the ground so that you can land.

The guy behind this says..

I decided I really liked brown in this game.

If you’re a #retrogaming fan then you might notice it may be influenced by the 8-bit blitz games.

To learn all about it, watch my ultra-professional gameplay video below, or grab it now. It’s free after all. Get it. Go on.