5 Smartphones you can use in 2020 for Forex trading

It is simply amazing if you think about just how much one can accomplish using a smartphone or tablet for that matter. When you look back at how technology has shaped today’s world, it is crystal clear that things are only getting better. The milestones being witnessed in the financial industry include being able to invest online using your phone. You just need to have the know-how of online investing and you are good to go. Forex trading is one of the most outstanding and sought after forms of investment.

The world has become a decentralized market, giving potential investors a chance to be part of life-changing opportunities. New forex traders can join the markets at their own pace using mobile phones. Besides trading, you can access online resources when looking to be knowledgeable in all matters surrounding forex trading, such as hedge fund strategies. With a smartphone, you can also keep up with the latest news on currencies performance.

However, if you are looking to venture into forex trading through smartphones, you need a good one because not all phones will pass for a great device when trading. Interest in mobile trading and investment apps has grown in recent times by over 115%. That shows how smartphones are taking over online investing. That said, take a look at the best 5 smartphones to consider using in forex trading:

Samsung Galaxy S10/Plus

If you are an Android phones lover, any of this combination would make the perfect choice for a trading phone. Not only do these phones exude power and class, they offer value for what they are worth. Both makes come with a large screen and a size that your hand can easily accommodate.

You can also count on their battery in terms of charge longevity, giving you ample time to take part in forex trading without fear of running out of charge. When it comes to speed, their 8GB RAM is sure to give you a wonderful browsing experience. Their screen is vibrant and you can easily navigate your way through forex trading platforms with ultimate clarity. They come at a price, but are worth it in terms of value.

iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max

Launched in 2019, these two remain a favorite among iOS lovers. They definitely make it to the list of reliable smartphones in forex trading. So,  what makes these models better than their former counterparts? They have faster processing speeds, sophisticated cameras and a brighter, clearer screen resolution. Their battery life is impressive too and their size fits well on their hands. This is however not the perfect choice for you if you are operating on budget, as they are a bit pricey. But if you can afford them, don’t hesitate to upgrade your current smartphone and those forex trading sessions of yours will never be the same again.

Huawei P30

This phone could be your next forex trading partner at under $500. That is a fair price for a phone that gives you memory capacity of 128GB and 6GB RAM. It’s battery is long lasting, ensuring that you are always powered up in your various forex trading activities. Generally if online reviews are to go by, it is a powerful smartphone. It is another option for Android lovers to try out as far as affordability and quality are concerned.

OnePlus 7T Pro

This phone was released in 2019 and also makes it on this list as a good choice for trading. The screen size is great and so is its battery life. It has a 6-12 GB RAM and, making it an efficient phone for carrying out multiple tasks without freezing. For a phone with latest technologies and tools, OnePlus 7t Pro makes you spend less for great value.

Google Pixel 4 XL

This is yet another smartphone that makes a good choice for online trading because of several reasons. One, it’s battery life is reliable for someone who spends a lot of time trading online. Secondly, it’s big screen can accommodate a lot of information. Thirdly, it has a 6RAM and 128GB memory making it suitable to perform several tasks at a go. It is also budget-friendly when compared to what it has to offer.