6 best educational apps on iOS

Research suggests that people spent a couple of hours daily on their smartphones. Although this doesn’t sound good for our productivity, there are ways to make sure that the time spent on our phones isn’t wasted.

For iPhone users, the Apple Store contains loads of educational apps that can help you exercise your mind, organise your courses and assignments, and expand your knowledge. In fact, apps for education purposes are both efficient, entertaining and they can be – if you get the right one – enjoyable too.

Whether you’re wondering how to write a law essay or which is the fastest way to learn Japanese, there’s an app that can surely make things easier for you. We’ve looked at reviews and came up with this comprehensive list of the best educational apps in the Apple Store.

A list of educational apps would not be complete without Memrise. Learning a language has become one of the most common educational goals for people of all ages and backgrounds for reasons such as study, travel, cultural immersion, or immigration. Even advanced learners still need to brush up their skills from time to time.

Although textbooks are very useful when learning a language, a smart app like Memrise can make the learning process much more intuitive, fun, and rewarding. That’s because the app is designed to teach vocabulary through gamification. After choosing the language you want to learn, the app will present you with words, phrases, definitions, and grammatical rules and then test you until you memorise them.

SATs are the main challenge of students now. At primary or in high school, they can be stressful and demanding. Since kids of this age make up the majority of smartphone users, it’s highly convenient for them to resort to apps for education needs. Ready4 SAT is a test prep app precisely developed to assist high school students in learning the material for their SATs and get used to test-taking.

Wherever and whenever you are, you can open the app and start taking a test to keep yourself on track. Besides being free, Ready4 SAT also allows students to match their potential SAT scores with universities and colleges around the world. This will give them an idea where they can enroll with their current level of knowledge and inspire them to work harder.

Udemy is an excellent educational platform that provides a comprehensive variety of courses on topics spanning many fields of study. The online courses are developed and taught by professional educators and experts who offer anything from introductory courses to in-depth explanations of complex concepts.

The Udemy app for iOS is a great way to learn something new in a professional, yet friendly way. For example, if your biggest educational challenge is writing a law essay, you can find a course on Udemy to help you understand the basics of essay writing. However, if you prefer more direct, urgent help, searching for law essay help in the UK and using a reliable writing service may be more effective in this scenario.

The best educational apps don’t cater just to students, but to every person who appreciates lifelong learning yet doesn’t want to spend too much time in classrooms. If you have an ioS smartphone, installing an app like EdX gives you access to courses from reputable academic institutions such as McGill or MIT.

Users can tune into online lectures, complete assignments according to their preferred schedule, and take quizzes to learn quicker. What’s great about EdX is that dedicated users can even earn a certificate for their efforts without acquiring any of that dreaded student debt. When it comes to smart apps, there’s nothing greater than an app that can actually make you smarter.

Although Evernote is a productivity app, many students consider it one of the best apps for education purposes. That’s unsurprising since the app is designed to give people all the necessary tools to finish their projects quick and stress-free and take course notes in an organised, easily accessible way. How to write a law essay or craft a personal essay if you’re unable to have all your notes at your disposal anywhere?

When stressed about law essay help or trying to figure out how to organise your notes to create an essay outline, Evernote can be a life-saver. With this app you can quickly craft and tag notes, create to-do lists, prepare lists of quotes and references, and even record voice reminders. Evernote makes the list of the best educational apps because it simply makes the learning process more efficient.

Duolingo has already made history as one of the most popular educational apps on the market. This language-learning app has over 100 million users addicted to learning. Using gamification, Duolingo provides dozens of language courses for learners of all levels.

The unique feature of Duolingo is that for each language package, there are courses specifically aimed at people with different first languages, not just English. Additionally, the inventiveness of the quizzes and tests is really attractive and can keep users glued to their smartphone. This means you can learn your favourite language without even realising it.

With millions of smart apps in the Apple Store, it’s easy to get seduced by the newest releases and spent all your free time on your smartphone. Installing the best educational apps instead of the last game is the most efficient way to regain your time and maintain a level of unexpected productivity even when you’re having fun.