Atmosphere Weather – A whole new way to plan your day

When you check the weather it’s usually via a daily update or a top-down representation of your area with clouds, sun and rain symbols etc.

This, though, is very different. Atmosphere Weather definitely takes a different and very refreshing approach to forecasting.

The main screen has a clock-like displat, with hourly temperatures mapped throughout the day plus wind, rain, cloud cover and sun. Thus, in one screen, you can see what’s happening now and what’s coming up – without needing to faff around too much.

The app renders the colour of the sky and, if you swipe up or down, the wind speed, direction and humidity. Not only that, but you can import your calendar appointments to see what the weather will be like for your important upcoming events. Good huh?

In addition, there’s radar coverage, pressure change, trends and you can add multiple locations in or move the map around the update the weather forecast on the fly.

It’s remarkably easy to use and will rapidly replace your existing weather forecasting app. This is a truly personal weather forecast and I love how it gives all the information you need on one screen.

There’s a whole load of settings available so that you can choose whether to show humidity, wind, barometric pressure and so on. You can also adjust the map radius and when the day starts / ends etc.

It’s a two-week free trial, then it’ll switch to free mode after that. It’s a £3.69 yearly cost to import your calendar events and given annual weather forecast. Get more details on their website or download the app and give it a try for yourself.