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iPhone 7 – iOS Users Surveyed By OnePulse

The iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are being announced later today. All the breadcrumbs at IFA pointed to it. We’re pretty much certain of it. But what do iOS users think? As good as we are here at we’re not mind readers yet, but thankfully

Possible iPhone 7 benchmarks are impressive

Just two more days. That’s it. Until Apple reveals their new ‘revolutionary’ new iPhone 7 handset. Apple people like myself don’t have a constant stream of new handsets to get excited about, so let us have our excitement for a couple of weeks! We already know pretty

Urgent iPhone update

Hello iPhone users. Hope your phones are safe!! News is that there has been a botched attempt to hack into an iPhone recently. Apple have promptly responded with a global update and has marked it as “URGENT”.  The story is that the break in was attempted by

Google Duo is now out!

Not too long ago, we noticed that Google launched early registrations for the new Duo application. This seems to be an independent app for video calling, separate to Hangouts. What the future holds for Hangouts, we don’t know yet. There is nothing technical about the application, anyone using

Google Duo coming soon, maybe…

Google have just announced that their new video calling app, Google Duo, will start a phased release globally as of today. Google Duo is a video calling app which the Mountain View headquartered company teased at their Google IO developer conference in May. Until now Google Duo

Bored? Like Doctor Who? Wanna be an artist?

Yes? well, you are in luck! Scary Beasties have launched an application aimed at adults who are wanting to colour in everything from Daleks to Cybermen. Out now for Android devices and iOS devices. The application has 45 images ready to be coloured in regardless of your

Facebook Messenger Now Does SMS

Are you someone who lives in Facebook Messenger? Would you like to spend even more time in the app? Well after the latest app update, you can now set Facebook Messenger to be your default SMS app (if you are on Android). For now iOS users can’t

Apple WWDC 2016

Apple are currently holding their World Wide Developer Conference for 2016 on the West Coast of the US of A at the moment. Yesterday was when the opening Keynote was held, so let’s have a look at the main announcements at Apple WWDC 2016. iOS The Apple

System and Security Info – Apple love to hate

“System and Security Info” has risen to being of the one of the top paid-for applications in the iTunes charts since its release last week (14th May 2016) however in that time frame Apple got upset about the application and decided to ban it. The reason Apple

Who is that calling? Metal, that’s who!

Ringtones have changed quite a lot since the days of polyphonic and monophonic but yet there are certain ringtones we automatically associate with certain brands. Well ToxixEternity, aka Jack Fliegler from YouTube, and a death metal band called Singularity has taken the Apple iPhone ringtone we have grown

New data reveals contrast between Google Play and iOS app stores

Statistics can often be skewed to serve a particular purpose, but new data just released about the relative numbers of downloads and amount of money generated by the Google Play and Apple iOS app stores make for interesting reading.  The most obvious points from the above graphs,

WWDC set for 13th June

Apple are generally very tight on leaks and have a reputation as a hard company to get any information out of. So, when their own voice assistant Siri confirmed the date for this years WWDC event there were a lot of surprised people out there. June 13th

Grow your own weed, sell it and become rich

Shocking headline that, and it’s a questionable moral message, even if it is “just” a game. Now you can practice the cultivation and earning potential of your “empire” with Ganja Farmer, which is available for both iOS (over 17’s only) and Android (PEGI 16). The description of this

Apple Announce the iPhone SE and a Smaller iPad Pro

So size does seem to matter in Apple’s world after all it seems. Following a couple of years increasing their screen sizes, they have now announced a couple of downsized versions of their most popular devices. They are the new iPhone SE and an iPad Pro with a

Stronghold Kingdoms to Launch in Summer 2016

Firefly Studios, the company behind the computer game series, “Stronghold” and “Space Colony” are launching their first “Stronghold” game on mobile this summer. The first trailer for their upcoming iOS and Android castle MMO, Stronghold Kingdoms was released this week. Upon release in summer 2016 phone and

Play Gameboy games on your iPhone without jailbreak

Do you long to play classic Gameboy games on your iPhone or other iOS device? Do you want to experience classic games from a simpler time for the first time? Then here’s a solution for you! In comparison to Android, due to Apple’s strict App store guidelines, emulation

Apple officially acknowledges iOS ‘1970 date’ bug

It’s been a bad few weeks for Apple with numerous bugs and issues being identified. Last week we highlighted another issue with the iOS platform developed by Apple. The 1970 bug we highlighted has now been acknowledged by on the official Apple Support website with an update

Coolsmartphone Awards 2015 and Podcast

Welcome to the Coolsmartphone Award Ceremony and Podcast, coming to you, prerecorded from Coolsmartphone Towers. Our team of experts got together yesterday and decided on the best and worst bits of 2015 in order to entertain you and reward/shame those responsible. As with all good awards ceremonies

Pebble Health a stone’s throw away from fitter smartwear

Fitbit must be rolling over in some type of fitful unrest. The cross-platform smartwear manufacturer Pebble has just rolled out a new application to bring itself in line with a lot of dual purpose wearables with the new Pebble Health app. The Pebble Health app focuses on