In-app purchases. It’s not always micro-payments. Sometimes they’re super-sized ones!

See this? This is my mother in law playing a game on her Kindle Fire. After a bit of help, she’s aware of the whole “in-app purchase” madness which can easily see you heavily out of pocket.

Perhaps what annoys me a bit is the fact that, as an example, casino apps are seen as “bad” whilst “innocent looking games” like this are seen as perfectly OK. Check out some of the mobile casinos at Mobile Casino Man – there’s now a big range of apps to choose from on any smartphone available today. You can check the reviews, play slot machines, blackjack, roulette and poker. Sure, you can spend money, but at least you get the chance to win some cash too. Yet, in a lot of free platform or action games, you’re forced into paying in order to proceed. It’s a Catch 22 situation where you’ve got SO FAR into a game and you then seemingly get stuck on one level, unable to progress.

Don’t worry, the in-app purchases will help you out. Whether it be coins, stars, in-game credits or some other type of currency, you can very easily shell out a lot of cash.

And what for? Nothing tangible, that’s for sure.


On the image I snapped you can see that 4,200 diamonds can be purchased for a “mere” $99.99. They’ve actually got an offer on too, as you normally only get 3000 diamonds for that price.

But you’ve GOT TO BE QUICK! The offer is only on for a LIMITED TIME and you MUST MAKE A DECISION QUICKLY.

Feeling pressured yet? Are you?

Normal apps, hiding in plain site, are ready to take your cash. They’re pushing you into making quick and sometimes rash decisions. I know I only wrote about this fairly recently but, with it happening right in front of my at the dinner table, I had to pen a quick article about it. These mad charges ($99.99 works out at £72.07) can very quickly rack up. That one charge alone is enough to pay the monthly contract for two top-end smartphones.

Yes, it happens on the PlayStation too..

Luckily I’ve warned the family about these in-app purchases and how easy they are to click. Sometimes, especially when you’re in the middle of a game, getting frustrated and perhaps clicking past adverts, you can just click the in-app purchase and get those coins / diamonds or whatever. It’s a quick fix. It’s a speed way to proceed, but you need to be careful.