App downloads, usage and spending on the up

Getting a task done on a Chromebook, for me at least, often find me browsing the web for a solution. I usually put in what I’d like to do, followed by the word “online”. As an example, “convert DOC to text online” or “notepad online”.

However, apps are still king. An amazing 175 billion (yes, billion) global app downloads have been seen in 2017. Not only that, but consumer spending exceeded $86 (£61.9) billion in the same year. The growth is being driven by new markets such as China, India and Brazil. The forecast for 2018 shows that consumer spending worldwide is due to rise even further – some $110 (£79.18) billion is expected to be spent buying apps.

The report comes from App Annie, and reveals that smartphone users are spending nearly 3 hours per day using apps. It also shows that India is the second biggest country for downloads, with the USA relegated to third position. China still holds the number one spot.

Another interesting take-away from this latest report is that most smartphone users will have a huge amount of apps on their handset. An “average” user will have more than 80 installed, and in the USA users are downloading 3 further ones each month.

Certain categories did very well in 2017, including finance, retail, video streaming, travel, ride-sharing, social and gaming. Recent changes in Google Play restrictions have also meant that users can now enjoy real money casino games on your mobile too.

The main thing that impressed me was just how health the app economy is. Despite nearly every website being mobile friendly now, people are still using apps and they’re more popular than ever. Downloads up, consumer spend up, time spent using apps, up.