EE launches smart number technology

This one is definitely aimed at those using an iPhone or iPad. It’s a clever technology, and EE is the first to roll-out in the UK. EE smart number lets you make and receive calls and texts using the same number across multiple devices.

It won’t cost you any extra cash and, at some point in the future, even Android users will be able to do it too. EE tell me that it’s part of their…

..ambition to create a converged, smart network – allowing customers to seamlessly make the most of all their smartphones and connected devices.

With many different lines of communication currently in use, it’s sometimes difficult to know which app you should use to access certain friends and relatives. Should you use Snapchat? WhatsApp? Facebook Messenger? iMessage or some old tech called a “text message”? Here you can make and receive a call or send / receive a text on Apple iPads, Watches, laptops or phones and it’ll all come out through your standard mobile number.

EE tells us more on how it’ll work..

If a customer leaves their smartphone at home, their phone battery goes dead, or even if they want to go away for the weekend with fewer devices – they’ll still be able to use other connected devices to make and receive calls and messages. The number will be the same, so friends and family will be able to call them just like they can on their smartphone, and they’ll know exactly who is trying to get hold of them.

Multiple calls can be made at the same time and they can “hand off” from one device to another with the simple press of a button. So you can grab a call on your Macbook and then transfer to an iPhone as you leave the office.

For more info on this exciting new tech, head to the EE One Number page.

Ru Bhikha, mobiles expert at, says

This new technology from EE comes at a time when more and more consumers are living multi screened lives and rightfully demanding more from what those devices supply in terms of connectivity.

It’s a good example of how existing hardware can evolve into better products when collaborating with service providers and all without the need to upgrade the handset.

We’ve all had the irritation of a mobile running out of battery, and so being able to use your phone number across multiple devices is perfect for those who find themselves in tricky situations – especially in times of an emergency.

The only disappointment is that it’ll just be Apple users who will feel the initial benefit at this stage, once again leaving Android users waiting.

However, it’s another example where Apple devices have stolen a march on their Android counterparts.