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EE Kestrel review

EE as a brand have been around for 2 years now. They hit the headlines after launching 4G services nearly a full year ahead of the competition. Both Orange and T-Mobile brands have had quite a few devices made for them by manufacturers already, but with 4G

EE launch own-brand tablet

EE have also today announced a new tablet today. It is “The UK’s most affordable 4G tablet” which is this, the Eagle. It’s a rebranded 8″ Huawei tablet and comes with a quad-core CPU, 5 megapixel shooter, 16GB of storage (plus you get a microSD for more

Let the birds fly – EE introduce a range of mobile WiFi solutions

Getting 4G is one thing, but turning that ultra-fast 4G speed into a WiFi hotspot is another. Today EE have revealed a number of options for getting yourself a mobile WiFi cloud to hop onto. The first is something called “Buzzard”. It’s a little widget that basically

EE branded Kestrel phone now on sale

Today EE have put on sale their first new branded device. Carrying thename ‘Kestrel’, it is available on both PAYG and monthly contracts. The Kestrel is mainly based on the Huawei Ascent G6 with a few modifications. This brings the cost down to just £99.99 on PAYG

EE hits 200th town 4G milestone

UK network EE have this morning announced they have now reached their 200th town for 4G. This brings them up to 72% 4G coverage across the UK. EE tell us that they have a strict guideline when it comes to announcing who is now “4G enabled. The announcements only

EXCLUSIVE: EE to increase prices 2.7% in May

We’ve just had information from a source that confirms EE are set to increase prices. Their pay monthly contracts will go up by 2.7% on 28th May 2014. This is in line with inflation and the current terms and conditions on monthly contracts. This price rise comes

EE 4G continues to roll. 187 towns now covered

Well I have to mention this don’t I? Especially when a local town gets 4G too. Yes, the mighty Tamworth is now getting some EE superfast mobile data via LTE. Tamworth is part of 12 towns getting the EE 4G tech today, so you’ll be able to

EE offer fantastic HTC One (M8) deal

HTC have just announced the new HTC One just a few minutes ago. Yes, the NEW HTC One, which has often gone by the name “M8″. The official name is the HTC One (M8). Now we’re getting details from the UK’s largest 4G network – EE. They’ve

EE customers still suffering after big outage – Update

Following the signal issues for EE customers last night, it appears that some customers are now getting service again. The classic “turn it off and on again” advice seems to be working for others. Twitter users in particular seem to have been annoyed by the EE response,

EE seems to be a bit busted

I could’ve come up with a more eloquent title for this post but hey, it’s a lot better than some of the posts flying around Twitter right now. The EE Twitter crew say that .. There seems to be some Gremlins in the system – we’re aware

EE customers to receive 4G roaming in France and Spain

If you’ve used roaming data (watch those charges) then you’ll probably be aware that you can get 100MB of data for £3 per day on EE when abroad. Other options include 200MB to use over 30 days, which is £35. Now however, in France and Spain, EE

EE and Wembley sign 6 year deal

EE have just announced a 6 year agreement with Wembley stadium to bring latest technology to the English national team arena. Whilst there will be no change of stadium name, EE will provide enhanced 4G coverage, fast WiFi access as well as mobile payments via NFC. Olaf Swantee,

LG G Flex now on EE

EE have now started selling the LG G Flex online and in retail stores if you want to sign up to a monthly contract, but be warned pricing is NOT cheap at all. In fact it is one of the most expensive by far. There are a

EE confirm Samsung Galaxy S5

EE just emailed us with a press release confirming they will be stocking the new Galaxy S5 on their UK LTE network and offering Cat4 means it takes advantage of their 150Mbps network The S5 features some amazing specs from the 16 megapixel camera to the large

EE to stock Sony Xperia Z2 and M2

Sony just announced the Xperia Z2 and M2 here in Barcelona and EE just emailed us to confirm they will stock both devices here in the UK The Z2 brings a 5.2 inch 1080p display, a 20.7 megapixel camera, 4K video recording and a large 3200mAh battery

Z1 Compact lands on EE

Until now only O2 had the new Z1 Compact in the UK, that was unless you went via a third party or purchased it SIM-free at full price – over £400. Now EE have just added the Z1 Compact to their large range of 4G devices and

Three and EE to share masts

We’re a bit slim on actual details here, but there’s news today that EE and Three have signed a deal to share networks. In total the networks will be investing £1 billion into infrastructure as 4G tech rolls out and data needs head ever upwards. A story

EE 4G growth accelerates as two million enjoy LTE

The network originally wanted to get one million customers before the end of 2013, but now it looks like growth is accelerating, with two million 4G customers now using EE. The second million has only taken four months to achieve, compared to 10 months for the first

LG G Flex coming to the UK in a matter of days

It’s bendy, it’s curvy. No, it’s not an Olympic gymnast, it’s the LG G Flex. EE have announced that the device will be arriving in selected stores this weekend. You’ll be able to try out the device and have a play with it but you can’t purchase

EE to improve 2G and 3G infrastructure

So, you’ve heard about EE and their 4G network. You can get double-speed 4G in Birmingham and some of my lovely scenic local towns – Sutton Coldfield, Walsall, West Bromwich and Wolverhampton. That’s all very clever, but whenever we run a story about the speedy 4G network

EE by gum, more cities switched on to EE 4G

With over 1 million 4G subscribers EE are currently the clear market leader in superfast mobile internet. In order to help fulfil the promise of 99% coverage by the end of 2014 EE are about to switch on another 29 towns and cities. Bath, Bournemouth, Brighton, Cambridge,

Deal agreed to protect customers from mobile “bill shock”

EE, Three, Vodafone and Virgin Media have today agreed to a new cap, proposed by the Government, on mobile bills. We’ve already seen some new measures getting announced, such as the option of ending a contract early if bills are increased mid-contract, but now it’ll be extended.

Virgin to continue using EE network

EE sent out a press release earlier confirming the long standing agreement between themselves and Virgin Mobile is set to continue and the MNVO will get access to both 2G, 3G and we believe soon 4G networks. The original deal was signed 14 years ago between then

EE reveal iPhone 5S pricing

EE have just updated their online store and now include prices for the new Apple iPhone 5s. The handset goes on sale Friday 20th September – just next week. As expected, the pricing is high for their latest premium phone which comes complete with fingerprint scanner, new

The iPhone 5s and 5c – Where to get them

I’ve already had two people tell me how they intend to pay or upgrade to the iPhone 5s this morning, so it’s worth letting you know where you can get one or an iPhone 5c. Firstly, we should point out that all the major networks will be

iPhone 5S and 5C on UK 4G – Confusion reins

So, a quick look on the Apple website reveals something a little worrying. Based on this information, the only UK networks who will be able to make the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c work at 4G speeds are Vodafone and EE. Many websites have picked up on

EE by gum. 100 towns and cities now covered

Tomorrow Voda and O2 will begin their 4G race for coverage, but EE grabbed a massive head-start and have now managed to cover 100 towns and cities with their LTE juice. Now, if you were EE and two big competitors were about to launch their 4G networks