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Honor 8 – Everything you need to know

I like Honor. They’re clever, produce good handsets and they price them sensibly. In certain ways it’s like the early days of branded HTC handsets. HTC were always keen to show us their kit and they wanted to impress. They were proactive and eager. Now Honor are

The death of Windows Phone. Market share sinks further.

Say what you like about my Windows Phone tirade, it’s all sadly true. Call it what you want – Windows 10 mobile, Windows Phone, I’m angry at how easily Microsoft let their lead slip. I’m annoyed at how slowly they realised. I’m frustrated at how they treated

Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact review. Greatness delivered

Here we are folks, the long awaited Xperia Z3 Tablet Review. First things first, why has it taken so long to get this review done? It’s simple really. The first tablet developed a dead pixel line from top to bottom and needed to be replaced. I also

Lenovo Tab S8 review

Today we have a wealth of tablets in all shapes and sizes. You can choose between Windows 8, Android or iOS 8. There’s pretty much a flavour for anyone. I’m a fan of the smaller form factor and as a result I have swung toward the iPad

Nokia Lumia Cyan Update roll out starts

The time that all Nokia WP8 users have been waiting for has arrived. Microsoft just announced that the Lumia Cyan Update is starting to roll out …..now! It will be reaching your device very soon and will bring some significant enhancements to your device. The main features

Windows Phone Update 3 Improvements revealed

With the Windows Phone sales share figure rising (at least, according to Kantar) and more than 175,000 apps now available, things are looking a little better for Windows Phone. Update 3, as it’s now known, has a number of improvements. Not only that, but there’s a developer

Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 – Review

Tablets are becoming more and more popular these days with new features and different screen sizes allowing for all types of customer. Small tablets are great for travelling and for taking to work, where as the larger ones can almost act as a laptop replacement for lots

Windows Phone 8 GDR3 update features rumoured

An updated version of Windows Phone 8 is on the horizon and GDR3, as it’s known, will contain a number of minor improvements. The rumoured changes include 1080p resolution support, the ability to have 3 medium-sized tiles in a row, orientation lock and a “Driver Mode” which

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is now available

The Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0 is an interesting device, as an 8″ device with the S-Pen it intrigues me, yet the slightly mediocre spec and the usual selection of Samsung software also appeals/worries me. The Galaxy Note 8.0 hasn’t exactly been pushed as much as the S4

Windows 8 “No better than Vista”

Are you using Windows 8? Do you know anyone that is? Most people, it seems, are ditching traditional PC’s and are instead going for Android tablets, iPads or other devices. Now Jun Dong-soo, who is president of Samsung’s memory chip division, has really stuck the boot in

MWC – Exclusive photo of the Microsoft stand

The Microsoft stand this year took a very different appearance. It’s relatively small and carpeted, but has no logos, staff or products on display. The same can be said for the Android / Google stand, which is similarly sparse with a distinct lack of free drinks and

LG to show their Tablet – Notebook hybrid at MWC

Ahead of our RyanAir flight, I am packing my very small and lightweight bag ready for Mobile World Congress. This year, if I’m honest, we’ve seen more and more companies launching their phones outside of the event. This gives us chance to cover even more gadgets and

ZTE announce the V81 8″ Jelly Bean tablet

Another day closer to MWC and another product that’s meant to be on show soon. This time it’s the turn of ZTE. Spec wise it seems to be a pretty basic device, which begs the question”why bother” neither high end or entry level. Here are the specs:

Samsung Galaxy Note 8 snapped already?

We’re expecting Samsung to reveal an 8″ version of the Galaxy Note this year at MWC (last year, you may remember, it was all about the 10.1″ model) and now there’s some apparent photos of the device over on dday.it. The snaps seem to have been taken

HTC 8S – Review

The HTC 8S was a phone I wanted to be good, REALLY REALLY good. I wanted it to be the phone that showed those LG Nexus 4 toting people that you didn’t need a huge great quad core CPU or 2GB of RAM to have a damn

Windows Phone 8 gets Skype

Much has been made about the fact that Skype, now owned by Microsoft, hasn’t been available for Windows Phone 8 at launch. However, a little late but better than never, it’s available – albeit in a preview version. You should be able to grab it through the

Announced: Windows Phone 8X by HTC – All the details

HTC have, if we’re honest, had a rough time of it recently. Today in New York it seems like there’s a new direction. HTC have suffered against the relentless and huge Samsung marketing budget. Not only that, but there’s now an endless supply of handsets with similar

Windows Phone 8 Lumia looks a lot like older devices

Earlier this week a new Nokia-made handset appeared on the web and many were quick to point out that the device was running Windows Phone 8. This device apparently called the “Nokia Phi” and will be the follow-up to the Lumia 800. It looks to have a

HTC are due to announce their new Windows Phone devices

Windows Phone 8 will soon be upon us. This excites me. Nokia have already mentioned that they shall be announcing their new devices on September the 5th and now it is HTCs turn to let us know what they plan. Apparently HTC plan to announce three new

No in-app purchasing for current Windows Phones

In-app purchases, a feature announced in June, will be restricted to Microsoft handsets running Windows Phone 8 only. Those using Windows Phone 7.5 won’t see in-app purchasing getting added to Windows Phone 7.8 and it now seems that the only “update” is the slightly modified home screen.