OnePlus 8 Series launch. No more delays – event due April 14th

With the obvious coronavirus concerns putting a lot of events off, some are also delaying or cancelling web events too. OnePlus was one such company and, as you can see from the tweets coming from Pete Lau (Founder & CEO of OnePlus) they’ve delayed their OnePlus 8 launch a few times already.

However, they’ve now set a concrete date for their launch, April 14th..

The whole event will be live right here on YouTube and you’ll be able to get all the details here too. Things kick off at 11AM EST which, if we’ve got our timezones right, is 4PM here in the UK or 5PM in the rest of Europe. and it’ll be a livestream on the OnePlus official website and YouTube. You can head to the OnePlus website and add it to your calendar.

OnePlus tell me that they’re pushing their “fast and smooth” experience to the next level, to bring “a full series of 5G devices with clearer displays and faster performance than ever before”.

We know that the a newly engineered 120 Hz display will be shown off and Pete Lau also states..

With the OnePlus 8 series, we’re excited to introduce our most powerful and beautiful smartphone series ever, combining blazing fast 5G capabilities, specially engineered high refresh rate displays and OnePlus’ signature powerful performance setup. The OnePlus 8 series will bring a truly ‘burdenless’ experience to all our users, who have come to expect nothing but the best all-around flagship smartphones from us. No detail is too small for us, as OnePlus always strives to deliver the best user experience possible with our premium flagship devices.

We’ll bring you all the details as they’re available.