Online pop-up prepped for OnePlus 8 Series launch

A phone launch in the middle of a lockdown means a distinct lack of food on sticks and no hands-on time with the devices. However, we’ll still be at the live launch on April 14th and there’s going to be abn online pop-up event for its community across Europe which will go live straight after the launch at 5PM BST.

Instead of queues, Tuomas Lampen, Head of Strategy at OnePlus Europe tells us..

The pop-up is an opportunity for us to engage with our community by creating a special experience around the latest launch. In the past, we have seen unwavering enthusiasm from our community for the pop-up events we have organised in cities like Paris, Helsinki, London, Berlin, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Rome, Milan, Madrid, Barcelona, Brussels and so on.

As part of all this, you can visit the OnePlus website and be the first to purchase the OnePlus 8 Series phone of your choice. The phone will then be despatched on April 15th and you’ll get a stack of branded goodies too (first come, first served on that).

We’ll be covering the event (minus the food on sticks) – just head to the OnePlus 8 Series website at 4PM on April 14th or watch the YouTube feed.