Get 100GB of data for just £4 more than 1GB with Virgin Mobile

The PR peeps from Virgin have been in touch and tell me that you can either grab the iPhone 8, the iPhone X or the Samsung Galaxy S10 with a stonking 100GB of data for a mere £4 more than their 1GB pricing.

Pretty cool eh? And that’s on the EE network, which delivers the Virgin signal to your mobile. The tariff also comes with 5,000 minutes and unlimited texts. It’s available from now until April 28th, and means that the Samsung Galaxy S10 costs just £36 a month for 100GB whilst handsets like the iPhone XR can be purchased for £34 a month on the same deal. That’s 10x more data than they usually give you, and these plans don’t need you to be a Virgin cable customer either, so it’s a proper steal.

Virgin Mobile are also going to be offering the new Huawei P30 and P30 Pro with the same 100GB of data for £32 (P30) and £38 (P30 Pro).

I should, however, mention that all these prices are based on a three-year deal, so hop to the bottom of their page to switch to two-year plans if you want.