Here we go with the Christmas insanity. Buy a Nokia 8 because we stuck it in a stocking!

A Nokia 8… in a stocking

I mentioned earlier that we’re now getting quite a few mails from PR people who want to promote the latest smartphones, gadgets and accessories for the festive period. The Nokia 3310 that Vodafone wanted us to tell you about at least came in an email which was peppered with words like “retro”, “nostalgia” and “cool”. It also had lots of details about the Vodafone deal, the data plan and all the benefits.

Fast-forward a couple of hours and I’ve received another email. It’s the same deal. They want to sell their thing and want us to post about it.

However, the PR people really didn’t try very hard this time. Their pitch about the Nokia 8 isn’t the strongest.

The first line of the email says something like, “Hey, you can take bothies at Christmas parties”. Now that’s a bad start. Nobody says “bothies”. Nobody. It’s not catching on. Give it up.

Then they tell me that the phone can share your gift opening reactions and… that’s about it. It’s a short email, and they’ve sent a picture of the phone in a stocking.

Yowser. Get me a job in PR. If it just involves whacking a phone in a stocking and sending out two line emails, I’ll do it.

If you do want to buy one though, the Nokia 8 is £499 and available from a range of UK retailers and