OnePlus screen colour issues when browsing? Here’s the workaround

Over the weekend we received the 11.IN11BA update for the OnePlus 8 Pro but noticed something rather strange.

On certain websites, as you scrolled down, the colour temperature noticeably changed. So, clean white shades suddenly became a yellowish tint. As an example, browsing to this CNN story resulted in the top half of the page in crystal snow white but, as you moved down past the second photo, it switched to an “eye friendly” softer hue. Scroll back up again and the reverse happened.

We put a shout out on Twitter and it seems that OnePlus 8T customers are having the same experience. Also, MintyMurray on Twitter captured the problem for us on his 8 Pro. We’ve just added some funky music ..

We tried absolutely everything to sort this, including tweaking the Vision Comfort, the Vibrant Colour Effect, the Comfort Tone and the Display Calibration. Nothing would fix it.

The bug appears to have kicked in on the most recent OS update, so we sent this across to OnePlus to check into.

Meanwhile, we found a workaround. In Chrome settings, the “Dynamic Color Gamut” needs disabling. To get to that you’ll need to fire up the Chrome settings by entering chrome://flags in the address bar.

After that, do a search for “Dynamic Color” (yes, sadly spelt that way) and disable it…

This then stops Chrome from displaying in this weird fashion following the latest OnePlus update.