The iPhone X …let the parodies begin

As we mentioned earlier on Twitter, new iPhone handsets tend to go through a number of stages during their lifespan.

Stage 1 – The iPhones are announced in front of a set of carefully-selected press.

Stage 2 – The handsets are derided and criticised.

Stage 3 – The sales figures go through the roof.

Here, well into stage two, we’re now seeing a lot of people mocking and poking fun at the launch. Perhaps the best video we’ve seen so far is this one below.

Remember, we’re only having a bit of fun here. Apple have such market share and such a huge brand awareness that there’s a little bit of envy and a big opportunity to run a parody. This particular one does have a bit of swearing, so be aware…

If you want to learn more about the launch yesterday, head to our Apple Launch Coverage

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