Did Robert Downey Jr. just reveal the OnePlus 8 Pro?

Has Tony Stark just revealed the upcoming OnePlus 8 Pro? If you’re following him on Instagram, you may have noticed a certain phone in his hand on this photo…

Iron Man used to do promotional work for HTC back in the day, but has since signed a deal with OnePlus, so it’s not too surprising to see him holding one of their phones.

On our zoomed-in shot it seems that this is indeed the OnePlus 8 Pro with depth sensors to the left of the cameras. However, there are some suggestions that this entire photo could be fake and it looks like the phone is “hovering” somewhat in the left hand of the actor.

We’ll learn more soon and you can bet that we’ll be giving you all the details when we have them. Stay tuned, follow us on Twitter for the updates.