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Microsoft Universal Mobile Keyboard – Review

The Bluetooth keyboard market has taken off recently, with an influx of affordable Android and Windows tablets, along with the annual iterative updated iPads. Most people I know have a tablet of some sorts. Heck I even now one guy who asked me to fix his “Nexus”

Prepping our Barcelona gear. Should I pack a Windows tablet?

Mobile World Congress could get interesting this year because quite a few of us will be out there and we all have pretty different ideas on the best way to get content onto the web quickly and effectively. For the simplicity, battery life and quickness, you’ll probably

Microsoft Surface 2 price reduction at Tesco

  One of the great things about supermarkets nowadays is that you might simply pop in with the intention of buying a pint of milk and some scampi fries, but you can easily leave having spent lots of money on electronic bargains.  Case in point, Tesco has reduced

Nokia Lumia 2520 chopped down in price, but be quick

If you’ve just read our Lumia 2520 review and want to buy it, head down to the “not really known for their bargain prices”-store that it John Lewis. They’re taking a whacking great £150 off the Lumia 2520 for the next few days only. This will drop

Microsoft Surface 2 with 4G – Review

Windows RT is an interesting creature, some wonder why it exists, some love it for its limited nature and some like me now and again get a device running Windows RT and just try to get on with life using the tools provided. The Surface 2 4G price

Nokia 2520 charger trouble

The Nokia 2520 is Nokia’s 10″ tablet running Windows 8 RT and so far has been doing reasonably well but it is has now run into a bit of trouble, in that the chargers have the potential to cause an electric shock. Nokia have advised that 30,000

Nokia Lumia 2520 – Review

The rumours surrounding a Nokia tablet have been floating around the web for a while now, the big questions for me were always how big will it be and what operating system will it run. Well late last year those questions were answered and now we have

Rumour – Microsoft considering free Windows Phone version

Windows Phone, as an OS, has a cost attached to it. It’s an actual financial cost that needs to be paid by manufacturers who use the mobile OS. Trouble is, Microsoft have just bought the phone-making side of Nokia, and guess who provided the bulk of their

Lumia 2520 announced by Nokia

The Lumia 2520, the first Windows tablet from Nokia, has today been announced. Here in the UK there’s only one place to get it, and that’s through John Lewis from December 4th. The tablet includes 4G connectivity, a full HD 1920×1080 10.1″ screen, 2.2GHz quad-core CPU, 11

Show me yours and I’ll show you mine. It’s 27 feet wide

Y’know, some people think I’m bonkers, but I just think I’m free. I’m just living my life, there’s nothing crazy about me. Now I’ve given you a personal insight into my life, come and have a look at my 27 foot-wide Windows Tablet. I wake up everyday,

My thoughts about this weeks Nokia event

Whether it’s for the right reasons or not, Nokia are a big name in the mobile industry. They’ve been a market leader, they’ve nearly gone bust, they’ve jumped onto the Windows Phone boat, they’ve gone and got themselves bought out by Microsoft and this week we saw

Nokia announce the Lumia 2520 Windows RT tablet

Nokia World is happening over in Abu Dhabi this morning, Nokia have announced a variety of new devices and one of them is the brightly coloured Lumia 2520 tablet. It’s an odd device that I struggle to understand as to its existence. What with the dire performance

Facebook for Windows 8 and Windows RT is nearly available

I think I have finally found a use for my Surface RT tablet, to use as a Facebook machine. Joking aside today marks an important day in the Windows 8 timeline as a real Metro style official Facebook app has been released. The Facebook app currently isn’t

Patent filing reveals an interesting keyboard from Samsung

As much as tablets are useful, one thing remains true. The bigger the tablet the harder it is to type, onscreen keyboards are just a nightmare stretched across a 10″ screen. It’s never as easy as typing on a laptop. As Samsung have quite a few different

Microsoft announce the Surface 2 and Surface Pro 2

The mobile world has been a busy place today with announcements all over the globe. It started in Korea with LG, moved to London with Tesco, onto China with Oppo and finally on to New York for Microsoft. Microsoft have announced today the latest in its Surface

Windows RT & Windows Phone game review – Halo – Spartan Assault

For what may be the first time ever in the history of Windows Phone gaming, Microsoft have an exclusive. Halo – Spartan Assault has arrived on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT before any other platform. In the same way that previous Halo games only ever appeared on Xbox.

Nextgen Reader will soon support Feedly

Ever since Google decided that no one used their RSS service Reader and decided to kill it off, I’ve been patiently waiting. I’ve been waiting for a decent replacement to step up. My main concern was the struggle I have keeping up with my RSS feeds on

What on earth are these “My choice of apps” articles about

We all use apps on our phones, some more than others, some install huge games that take several GB of space, some install dozens of Social Network apps, some install bafflingly pointless apps like fart apps or soundboards. It really is a personal thing it’s your phone

Windows 8 “No better than Vista”

Are you using Windows 8? Do you know anyone that is? Most people, it seems, are ditching traditional PC’s and are instead going for Android tablets, iPads or other devices. Now Jun Dong-soo, who is president of Samsung’s memory chip division, has really stuck the boot in

Samsung are going to stop selling the Ativ Tab in Europe

What this article should have been titled is: “Samsung decide to stop selling their over priced Windows RT tablet as it isn’t going to sell anywhere worldwide ever” It would have been a bit long winded though. The news is though that Samsung have confirmed to German