Surface Shipping – So we can see them soon.. ish


We hadn’t mentioned it earlier, but Microsoft UK managed to sell out of the stock it had available for pre-orders of the 32Gb Surface. So out of the three options (32Gb, 32Gb with touch cover, and 64Gb with touch cover), the first two options are off the table.
Whilst we’d never expect that Microsoft would be cynical enough to create an artificial shortage to get more column inches, it does make one wonder how popular it really expected the Surface to be.
That’s when a quick hop over to the U.S. version of the Microsoft store reveals that its not just the 32Gb. All 3 models are delayed for 3 weeks.


The U.K. site itself is currently working with a 3 week wait time, so if you’ve drunk the Windows RT kool aid and are ready to try out Microsoft’s “home-grown” entrance to today’s tablet market, order one now… you don’t want to find Simon and Sally from Utah has taken your place in the queue.

Source: the BBC