Windows 8 “No better than Vista”

Are you using Windows 8? Do you know anyone that is? Most people, it seems, are ditching traditional PC’s and are instead going for Android tablets, iPads or other devices. Now Jun Dong-soo, who is president of Samsung’s memory chip division, has really stuck the boot in about how Windows 8 isn’t helping change this trend.

The global PC industry is steadily shrinking despite the launch of Windows 8.

Ah.. That’s pretty bad. Windows 8 has a touch UI which, provided it’s coupled with a touch screen, offers an experience that should see the new OS flourish on all manner of devices, not just traditional desktop PC’s. Alas, Jun Dong-soo isn’t finished…

I think the Windows 8 system is no better than the previous Windows Vista platform.

Windows Vista? Ohh.. Remember that? The OS we all laughed at. The OS running on the one PC in the office that everyone refuses to use.

It can’t get much worse than that though, can it?

(The) rollout of its Windows Surface tablet is seeing lackluster demand. Meanwhile, previous vigorous pitches by Intel and MS for thinner ultra-books simply failed and I believe that’s mostly because of the less-competitive Windows platform.

Windows 8 No better than Vista

Your thoughts? Did Microsoft have to make a radical change to their OS? Has the amount of devices without touchscreen hurt the sales? Or is this just one of those OS upgrades, like Vista, that everyone avoids? Either way, Microsoft had to do something – desktop PC’s “of old” are now quickly becoming a distant memory, and unless you need a laptop for writing then most people will plumb for a tablet and unfortunately, it doesn’t look to be a Windows 8 tablet they’re choosing.

Source – Korea Times

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  • Nonsense. W8 is a perfectly good working OS. An evolution on W7 and nothing at all to do with Vista, at least Vista pre-SP1.
    The start “screen” makes it much quicker to access programs than the old Start Menu by just typing the first few letters of the program you want.

    New style apps are still a bit useless, but they will mature.

    • Lee Smart

      Windows 7’s Start menu does the “just type the first few letters” trick too.

  • Paul

    I’m using Windows 8 since I installed an SSD in the laptop. Whether it’s the new faster hard drive, or the fact I chose to put Win 8 on it too, or both I’m not sure, but the fact is my laptop boots up in 15 seconds and is ready to use. Brilliant.

    Yes, I like the new start screen, it takes some getting used to, and yes, it is really designed for “touch” devices, but personally I like it, and I’m tempted to switch to a Win 8 mobile for consistency.

    It’s nowhere near the disaster that was “Vista” and it’s wrong to put it in the same category. No, it’s not better than Windows 7, it’s just different.

    It works well, it’s not inferior. I’s the new UI and the fear of change is what’s putting people off, nothing else,

  • Anonymous

    I think the main problem with Windows 8 is that people just don’t get it. Maybe this will change when (and if) it starts rolling out in offices, but personally I think Microsoft have just confused people.

    I found Windows 8 to be counter-intuitive in a number of ways, and I do not find the metro-type interface to be useful on a traditional PC setup. As it goes, Windows 7 wasn’t bad, and I should imagine not many people will have any motivation to move to Windows 8 unless they have some kind of touch-screen device.

    People are changing the way they use computers, and tablets are becoming incredibly useful secondary devices. I think most people go back to their PCs to do most of their actual work, but PCs (in the way they’re being used now) are becoming less and less relevant.

    I think W8 gets in the way of what most people use their PCs for (i.e. doing a spreadsheet, dev work, etc). I think most of the web stuff (twitter, facebook, google stuff, etc.) has been taken over by mobile devices to a very large extent, and this will only exacerbate in the future.

  • Sundaybiker

    Windows 8 is for touch screens, no reason to have the tiles on a non-touch screen. The tiles menu IS your Start menu, you can configure it with whatever icons you need, from Control Panel to Command prompt and RDP. MS did a bad job in explaining that, and they should have left Win 7 on all the new non- touch screen devices, Win 8 only on touch screen.

  • JMB

    It is interesting to note that the sales of Macs are sharply down (look at 2012Q4 data 5M to 4M units).

    The whole PC industry is down. That’s a fact.
    But I installed W8 on an old PC bought with Vista and it’s very good.
    Nobody at home used the Vista version which booted very slowly. It’s now very responsive.