Nextgen Reader will soon support Feedly

Ever since Google decided that no one used their RSS service Reader and decided to kill it off, I’ve been patiently waiting. I’ve been waiting for a decent replacement to step up. My main concern was the struggle I have keeping up with my RSS feeds on Windows Phone and Windows RT. I’ve been using Nextgen Reader on both as it supports Google Reader sync.
Nextgen Reader will soon support Feedly
When Google broke the bad news about Reader many were upset, many just took the time to configure another app, Google Currents and Flipboard both seem to be simplistic replacements. And then some people like me just sat and patiently waited for some people to step up.

If I was solely using Android Currents would have been great. As usual it was my toe dipping with Windows Phone that was spannering things up. I really like Nextgen Reader and didn’t want to lose its functionality, so I just patiently waited for them to decide which service they were going to support. Well last night my problem got one step closer to being solved. The guys behind Nextgen Reader posted the following on their Blog.

We’re excited to announce that Nextgen Reader will add support for Feedly before Google Reader retires

Which is great as Feedly has become my current favourite RSS app on Android. It also has a nice Chrome desktop app as well.

So over the next few weeks the Nextgen Reader apps on Windows Phone and Windows 8/RT will be updated. They said the following about the update.

We’ll update apps on both WP8 and Windows 8 this month. And specially for our long-term customers, we’ll also update the WP7 version to support Feedly, hopefully next month or as early as possible

If you’ve never tried Nextgen Reader I’d certainly suggest you try it, it is as complex or minimal as you want it. You can get the Windows 8 version here and the Windows Phone 8 version here.

Source – NextMatters