Samsung are going to stop selling the Ativ Tab in Europe

Samsung are going to stop selling the Ativ Tab in Europe
What this article should have been titled is:

“Samsung decide to stop selling their over priced Windows RT tablet as it isn’t going to sell anywhere worldwide ever”

It would have been a bit long winded though. The news is though that Samsung have confirmed to German website Heise that they aren’t going to continue to sell the Windows RT Ativ Tab in Germany and other parts of Europe.

This is the Ativ Tab that offers less than its main competitor the Microsoft Surface RT and yet it is priced higher. Thoughts are here that Samsung have pulled out because of the lack of interest in Windows RT. Easy to say that really, if the Ativ Tab had come out cheaper than the Microsoft Surface RT then I’m sure they would be in a different situation now with the device.

Source – Heise
Via – Verge

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  • weirdstuff

    Greedy, greedy Samsung. Not making millions on a product so stop selling it. Heaven forbid they charge a reasonable price for it…

    • Anonymous

      Well, not sure it’s quite as simple as that. Samsung aren’t stupid, and they’re obviously marketing this device at the lowest price-point they possibly can without making it a loss-leader. I’d say that in all likelihood, Microsoft are the ones who have stopped this from being competitive with their own device through OS licensing. You’re probably looking at somewhere in the region of £60 or more to licence Windows 8 RT on this thing. Bearing in mind the stipulations Microsoft make about the minimum device specs, I am sure this is the only choice they had.

      Otherwise, why on earth would somebody produce something that’s not competitive with the market leader? I think this was Samsung’s chance to ‘try out’ RT tablets. Looks like it didn’t go well.