Patent filing reveals an interesting keyboard from Samsung

As much as tablets are useful, one thing remains true. The bigger the tablet the harder it is to type, onscreen keyboards are just a nightmare stretched across a 10″ screen. It’s never as easy as typing on a laptop.

As Samsung have quite a few different laptop models it was only a matter of time before they started to converge. We saw the first tablet and keyboard models earlier on the year with a variety of Windows 8 devices and the funky Ativ Q, a Windows and Android hybrid that might not ever appear.
Patent filing reveals an interesting keyboard from Samsung
A patent has been granted to Samsung that shows a rather cool design for a folding keyboard. It seems that the tablet would be insert into the middle of the keyboard and then used like a Ultrabook. The keyboard appears to have a kickstand on the back too and also looks like it could close up and act as a case.

All interesting stuff, which we can only hope will make it to the real world.

Source – SamMobile

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