Microsoft release a Windows 7 app to sync with Windows Phone 8

Microsoft release a Windows 7 app to sync with Windows Phone 8
Zune is gone. Microsoft decided to re-invent the wheel, the other week they released a Windows 8 and Windows RT app to sync your new Windows Phone 8 devices with and they’ve now released a version for Windows 7. Confused yet?

Well you can get the Windows program here. If you want more info on the program then head over to this link here.

The program offers the following functionality:


The Windows Phone app for Windows desktop makes it easy to:

• Sync music, photos, movies, TV shows, and podcasts from your existing Apple iTunes library or your Windows Libraries to your Windows Phone 8.*
• Automatically import pictures and videos you’ve taken with your phone to your PC.
• See at a glance how much space you’re using for each type of content, so it’s easy to make sure you never run out of room on your phone.
• Find songs that will work as ringtones and add them to your phone.

* Some protected (DRM) media files can’t be copied between your PC and your Windows Phone.

So if you have a new phone and a not so new computer then you’ll need this program.

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