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RHA Announce new T10i Earphones

Regular readers will be aware of my love for almost any product that has been produced by RHA. From their budget MA150 earphones to the more high end MA600i‘s the product range offers faithful audio reproduction and quality.  In fact almost a year after reviewing them, the MA600i’s

Flying high or crash and burn? You decide…..

Its just a normal run of the mill day.  Get up, make the kids breakfast, have a shower, check if that pesky direct debit was actually paid, drop the kids off at school, book that private jet to Paris, head off to work. What, you don’t book

Sky launches new Sky Service app

British Sky Broadcasting, the satellite broadcaster for the United Kingdom have launched another app to compliment their growing suite. The new app, available on iOS and Android gives an easy way to view and manage your account, make changes to things such as Pin number, engineer bookings

LG to Bundle BBM with all new Android handsets

Blackberry haven’t fared too well in the handset game in recent times which is in direct contradiction to their newest partner LG. An announcement made by Blackberry today confirms that the two companies are teaming up in order to bring BBM to all new LG Android handsets

Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid Nexus 5 Case Review

Google’s flagship handset has been with us for a while now and some quality Nexus 5 accessories made by third party manufacturers are beginning to filter through. One such accessory hoping to be added to the must have list is the Spigen SGP Neo Hybrid case and

Lenovo Ideatab S6000 10″ Tablet review

Here’s a challenge for you.  Name one, just one, 10” Android powered tablet that is worth the time and effort, let alone the money, of investing in. Take 10 minutes for a think and a quick internet search and come back when you have drawn the same

Galaxy S4 Pink heading to Phones4U

  Its a Samsung Galaxy S4 and its pink. We’ve seen blue handsets, silver ones, black ones, white ones, red ones and now we have that much demanded and sought after colour, pink. On pre-order now and available from January, Phones4U will be exclusively offering the Samsung

iPlayer Radio updated, now includes widgets

There has been an update today to the BBC’s iPlayer radio app for Android which sees several enhancements. The main feature to be added is support for widgets, now you can add your favourite station straight to your homescreen and scale the widget to the size that

Fingersoft launch Fail Hard

The publishers of the massive runaway success that is Hill Climb Racing have launched their follow up title, Fail Hard. Fail Hard is another physics based game, this time you are a stuntman trying to rise from the bottom to the top via a series of ever

EE To offer 4G Roaming for visitors to the UK

EE have today announced that they will be the first network to be offering 4G roaming for visitors to the UK. In an initial tie up with AT&T with more set to follow next year, EE is offering an average of 24-30Mbps 4G roaming in over 160

Rollabear comes to Android

  Cutesy graphics and addictive gameplay are abound in the latest release from UK based developer Matmi with the release of their smash hit game Rollabear on the Android platform following the runaway success of the iOS release in October. Featuring the new festive trio Puddin’, Nick, and Rudolph all

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: RHA MA-600i

Shopping days are running out rapidly, panic buying will soon be setting in.  The festive period is nearly upon us and all of the shops are playing that peskily annoying Christmas music that we have all heard a million times before.  The old ladies are saying “Oooo

Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas now for iOS

No one realised the potential of the franchise when the original Grand Theft Auto launched way back in the depths of beyond.  The top down splat them up was a great success and was swiftly followed by sequel after sequel with the latest installment becoming one of

Nexus Wireless Charger Now Available in the UK Play Store

One of the major unique selling points of the newer Nexus devices is the ability to charge wirelessly. The Nexus 4 had an orb shaped wireless charger which took an age to appear in the UK however the new version, a small slab of a thing has

Android Device Manager app now available

When Google launched Android Device manager it was purely as a web interface. This however has now changed as the new Android Device Manager app has appeared in the Google Play Store. The app will help you to locate devices associated with your Google account, reset your

Nova Launcher 2.3 erm… launches

One of the most popular third party launchers available for Android is Teslacoil’s Nova Launcher. The feature packed app has now seen a major update which brings it into line with Android 4.4 Kitkat after the release of the beta version a little over a month ago.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush now available on Windows Phone

The rather good and much loved Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2 has spawned the inevitable spin off merchandise and of course mobile games. Despicable Me: Minion rush is one such game, an endless runner in 3D that is already a massive hit on Android and iOS

Chromecast gets loaded with new apps

Chromecast has now been available in the US for a number of months and has slowly seen more functionality added as time passes.  This slow increase has now seen a major step change as Google today revealed that 10 new apps have been made available right now.

Google Books Updated…brings mobile uploading

Google today released an update to the Google Books App. The update now brings additional functionality including giving you the ability to upload EPUB or PDF files to your library from your phone or tablet. The full changelog is as follows Books open more quickly and smoothly.

Hill Climb Racing Hits the heights

Recently I wrote about the release of the Windows Phone version of Hill Climb Racing published by Fingersoft. The rather addictive and great fun physics based driving game has wasted many hours of people’s time and now it has been announced that with over 140 million downloads