Successor to HTC One to launch in February??

Successor to HTC One to launch in February??

What is considered by many to be the finest Android handset yet made, the HTC One, could be replaced as early as February revealed the Judge at the centre of the Nokia vs HTC case is to be believed (and being a member of the UK’s fine judiciary why would you not believe it?)

HTC is close to launching the successor flagship model to the HTC One. HTC has not revealed the launch date. Nokia has adduced evidence which suggests that the launch date is in the first quarter of 2014, and possibly as early as February 2014.

The handset whose official title was not revealed is widely believed to be the M8, would follow in the footsteps of the HTC One which was also launched in February.

With CES and MWC on the horizon it is pretty much impossible to see HTC not bringing out a successor to their flagship device and the judges writings shown above certainly bare this out.


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