Flying high or crash and burn? You decide…..

Flying high or crash and burn? You decide.....

Its just a normal run of the mill day.  Get up, make the kids breakfast, have a shower, check if that pesky direct debit was actually paid, drop the kids off at school, book that private jet to Paris, head off to work.

What, you don’t book a private jet?  Why ever not?

In amongst the many requests we receive daily for reviews and app publicity was an email urging us to take a look at something called “JetMe” which is a new private jet booking service which has just launched on iOS.

Now I am well aware that there are those high flyers that use private jets on a regular basis, there are the privileged few that get to fly in extreme comfort and privacy but lets be honest, these lucky people have money and lots of it.

Along with this money comes secretaries and personal assistants whose job it is to yep, you guessed it, take care of travel arrangements including booking private jets.

400 thousand dollars has been poured into this venture which apparently aims for the same easy booking service of Uber and is initially launching with bookings between San Francisco and Los Angeles.  That’s FOUR HUNDRED THOUSAND dollars.

I’m all for new ideas but did someone seriously sit in an office and think “I know, I’m going to help those poor people that have to spend thousands on booking private jets to save a few quid, after all they need to save all they can”?

This seems to me to be pouring money down the drain and is attempting to tackle a problem that doesn’t really exist.

There are many pointless apps that seem to serve no purpose other than to annoy (see fart imitator apps) but this one really takes the biscuit.  If you can afford to jet around the world on a private plane then I am more than certain that you do not need an app that makes it easier to book or “saves you money”.

I’m all for new ideas and helping people but how about spending that sort of money developing an app that really helps people that NEED it rather than those privileged few that can afford private air travel.

Right, rant over, the anger is now subsiding so should you be curious you can take a look at JetMe  here, free from the App store.

Flying high or crash and burn? You decide..... Flying high or crash and burn? You decide..... Flying high or crash and burn? You decide..... Flying high or crash and burn? You decide.....