RHA MA 750i Earphones Review

RHA MA 750i Earphones Review

RHA have been producing quality products from their Glasgow headquarters for a number of years now.  From their entry level MA350‘s to the more expensive MA600i’s, every product has so far oozed excellence from start to finish.

Prior to the recent launch of the brand new high end RHA T10i’s the top of the range was the MA750i’s and we here at Coolsmartphone have had a set for a couple of weeks in order that we can bring you a full review.

As with the MA600i’s, the MA750i’s are supplied in packaging that wows.  A magnetic lid on the box opens to reveal a set of earphones that are visually stunning.  Stainless steel eartips, in-line remote control, 10 sets of earbuds of varying sizes and a faux leather carrying case all of which when taken with the enclosed clothing clip adds up to a complete package that screams quality.

RHA MA 750i Earphones Review

The cable is relatively thick and coated in rubber which has a spring at the end to protect the joint which feels solid and very well constructed.  The cable is designed to go over the ears which isn’t for everyone and makes for some awkwardness when getting the earphones to fit in the ear.  It took me a while to find the right set of earbuds from the plentiful supply, I finally settled on the memory foam ones, but once I had a good standard of noise isolation was achieved and the comfort level was excellent.  Cable noise is virtually nil which is great on any earphones.

On then to the most important thing about earphones, the sound.

My first listen was tinged with disappointment.  Vocals sounded harsh, instrumentals sounded shrill and the bass lacked warmth.  I persevered however and after a while the M750i’s seemed to warm up and really came into their own.

What began as a harsh sound became warm and crystal clear.  What was shrill became inviting and enveloping.  The sound from these earphones actually encourages the listener onto a journey through sonic brilliance.

RHA MA 750i Earphones Review

The bass is solid, never too much or too little, the treble is balanced and even.  The type of music and the source doesn’t matter, the RHA MA750i’s handle anything with ease and at any volume.

In summary, for those looking for a quality pair of premium earphones you simply cannot go wrong with the MA750i’s.  Put in a little effort finding the right pair of ear buds and take a little time to warm them up and you will be rewarded with a fantastic pair of earphones that you would be hard pressed to beat without spending hundreds of pounds.

The really shocking thing here is the price.  £87.95.  Yes, that’s less than ninety of your hard earned pounds for a pair of earphones that one could reasonably expect to cost well over the £150 mark – they really are that good.

If you are in the market for a high end pair of earphones, don’t bother with the red cables, don’t bother with the hype, go for the RHA MA750i’s, I guarantee you will not be disappointed.

The RHA MA750i’s can be purchased from Amzaon for £87.95 and more information can be found on the RHA website.