Christmas Gift Guide 2013: RHA MA-600i

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: RHA MA 600i

Shopping days are running out rapidly, panic buying will soon be setting in.  The festive period is nearly upon us and all of the shops are playing that peskily annoying Christmas music that we have all heard a million times before.  The old ladies are saying “Oooo I love this tune” to the latest Cliff Richard dross and the young men are all walking around with their hands covering their ears.

Well, my recommendation is this.

Forget the shopping centres, leave the baying hoards to their retail therapy fighting  and head on to one of two websites to obtain this years must have gift.

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: RHA MA 600i

Whether it be for your loved one or your teenager the plain fact is that if you were to hand over a pair of the wonderfully magnificent RHA-MA 600i headphones on December 25th then you will go down in the annuls of history as the person who gives the best presents ever.

Don’t believe me?  Try it.

I had the pleasure of reviewing a pair of these earphones back in October and the sheer quality took me by surprise particularly when paired with the most reasonable price of £59.95

Christmas Gift Guide 2013: RHA MA 600i

The plain fact is that it doesn’t matter if they are a present for someone else or even yourself, you will be blown away and every penny will be well spent.

Don’t hesitate, make someone’s Christmas.  Head on over to Amazon or even RHA’s own website and pick up a pair of RHA MA-600i’s.